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[Motd] Congratulations Christophe!ANN.lu
Posted on 20-Nov-2002 03:01 GMT by Luca Diana (Edited on 2002-11-20 11:51:46 GMT by Christian Kemp)27 comments
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Luca Diana wrote: "Congratulation to Christophe Decanini and his wife for the birth of Marie on November 11th. I know it's a week late but I just found out :)"
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 1 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by m0ns00n on 20-Nov-2002 06:05 GMT
Congrats from me too! You have now brought new life in this world :) Wish you the very best for the future!
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 2 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Elwood on 20-Nov-2002 07:25 GMT
Bravo. I hope she will use an Amiga mouse real soon ! :-)
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 3 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Robert on 20-Nov-2002 07:48 GMT
Happy Nappy Changing Christophe! :)
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 4 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by catohagen on 20-Nov-2002 09:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Robert):
>Happy Nappy Changing Christophe! :)
yeah.....its terrible....its green and yellow and smells REAL bad.....
luckily both my 2 kids are running to the toilet alone....finally....
but my agony doesnt quit there, imagine comming home, and seeing your many hours
of woodwork on your kickass amiga tower, covered in blue and black markerpens :(
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 5 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 20-Nov-2002 09:22 GMT
Congrats Christophe! :)
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 6 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 20-Nov-2002 09:56 GMT
Forgive me, but who is Christophe Decanini. The name rings
a bell, but...
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 7 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Ben Yoris on 20-Nov-2002 09:56 GMT
Bravo Christophe et félicitations à la maman !
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 8 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Raffaele on 20-Nov-2002 11:10 GMT
Congratulations for you Chris and for your Wife.
Your daughter Marie is lucky because she has the best parents in the whole world...
Wish you the best for the future!
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 9 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 20-Nov-2002 11:19 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Anonymous):
An ANN sub editor who has just forked.
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 10 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by redrumloa on 20-Nov-2002 11:32 GMT
WAHOO!! Congrats Christophe!!!! Way to go!!
Best wishes to you, your wife and baby Marie:-)
BTW:Is this their first child?
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 11 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Christophe Decanini on 20-Nov-2002 12:59 GMT
Hey, this is a surprise !
Yes, she is our first child.
Thanks. It is nice to see friendly posts on ANN :)
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 12 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by redrumloa on 20-Nov-2002 13:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (Christophe Decanini):
>Yes, she is our first child.
Cool! Hang in there, you will be getting normal sleep again before you know it:-) Congrats again, and welcome to the parenting club:-D
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 13 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Mich on 20-Nov-2002 13:26 GMT
$ time paste Christine Christophe | tee Marie
0,01s user 9months system 200% cpu 1 total
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 14 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Luca Diana on 20-Nov-2002 14:10 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (Christophe Decanini):
>Hey, this is a surprise !
You didn't really think I was going to let this one pass unnoticed, eh buddy?
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 15 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Scott Pistorino on 20-Nov-2002 14:32 GMT
Congratulations Christophe and family! It's safe to say that we all know you had a VERY GOOD Valentines day this year! (i.e. it's nine months ago!) ;-)
Take care
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 16 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Gregg on 20-Nov-2002 16:31 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (DaveW):
Actually, I think he "forked" about nine months ago...
Oh dear.
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 17 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Aram Iskenderian on 20-Nov-2002 20:16 GMT
All the best, and may God bless you and your family, Christpohe.
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 18 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Aram Iskenderian on 20-Nov-2002 20:17 GMT
And forgot to say, congratulations, and mis-spelled your name. :-)
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 19 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by The_editor on 20-Nov-2002 20:30 GMT
Congrats Christophe
They say .... "Your NOT a man until your've fathered a daughter"
Welcome to Manhood !! I've got three daughters .. Guess that means I'm a right Butch bastard !! :) (Nah ..Just skint)
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 20 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 20-Nov-2002 20:44 GMT
In reply to Comment 16 (Gregg):
Id agree if that was a vfork( ) but the human address space is so complex it
took nine months to copy it from initial invocation to final branch.
Man I need to get out more.
I realised I didn't actually say congratulations Christophe,
so congratulations to Christophe's wife for the hard bit, congratulations
to Christophe for the easy fun bit and may your childs' life be blessed with
a secure upgrade path.
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 21 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by DaveW on 20-Nov-2002 20:45 GMT
In reply to Comment 19 (The_editor):
No, they say you aren't a man until you have managed to have sex with at least one other person present in the room with you ( cub camp does not count )
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 22 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Angel on 20-Nov-2002 21:20 GMT
Congradulations and enjoy all those special moments of being a new father. May God bless that little girl :)
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 23 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by smithy on 20-Nov-2002 21:26 GMT
Well done Christophe! Now you can get practicing for more!
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 24 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Dagon (HELLAS) on 20-Nov-2002 21:30 GMT
Congratulazioni! ;-)
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 25 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Daniel Miller on 20-Nov-2002 22:06 GMT
Congratulations! Now, lets see... in 2024 Marie will be graduating from
college, and after that Christophe will have some money to spend again,
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 26 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Henning Nielsen Lund [Denmark] on 21-Nov-2002 08:06 GMT
Congratulations :O)
Congratulations Christophe! : Comment 27 of 27ANN.lu
Posted by Andrea Maniero on 21-Nov-2002 12:44 GMT
I wish the best to the whole Decanini family.
...and who said this community isn't going to grow? ;)
Kind regards,
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