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[Files] Catweasel Software updatesANN.lu
Posted on 16-Dec-2002 21:06 GMT by Jens Schönfeld7 comments
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Catweasel driver software for three operating systems has been updated and adapted to the new MK3 PCI/Flipper version of the controller. The windows-drivers for the PC-versions of the Catweasel controller (ISA and the new MK3 PCI/Flipper versions) have been updated. The most important change is the suppoprt for C64-disks, minor bugs have been fixed in the diskimage-tool. The new combination of programs also breaks a small record: A C64-disk is read completely in slightly more than 9 seconds.
The archive also contains some textfiles for programmers who want to take advantage of the interfaces or the SID of the controller.

Download: cw_win_pci.zip (115KByte)

The Linux drivers have also been adapted to the MK3 PCI/Flipper version. Closer information about this can be found on Michael 'Rawstyle' Krause's website:


Tim Mann has also adapted his cw2dmk tool to the new controller. DMK is a file format used by TRS-80 emulator programs. Find out more on www.tim-mann.org/trs80resources.html
Catweasel Software updates : Comment 1 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by JoannaK on 16-Dec-2002 21:45 GMT
Hi Jens,

Soulds real cool. I hope our local dealer have made his order allready. I woudl like to see mine before X.mas :)
Catweasel Software updates : Comment 2 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Alkis Tsapanidis on 16-Dec-2002 22:20 GMT
Jens, is it possible ti make an OpenPCI driver? This would give us G-Rex,
Pegasos, Prometheus and Amithlon support!
Catweasel Software updates : Comment 3 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Frans on 17-Dec-2002 11:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (JoannaK):
I already got mine last week from Computer City...
It seems easier to use on Amiga than on PC, though...
Still an excellent product.
Catweasel Software updates : Comment 4 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by coldfire on 17-Dec-2002 12:29 GMT
heh....you mean a free driver update???

Damn! I'm amazed there is an amiga hardware company that makes drivers for free!

Catweasel Software updates : Comment 5 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by - GALAXY - on 17-Dec-2002 16:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (coldfire):
What! Driverupdates are not necessarily free on Amiga ? Free driverupdates are a must if you want people to buy your hardware.
Catweasel Software updates : Comment 6 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Phill on 17-Dec-2002 17:35 GMT
Annoyingly after all this wait for a new Catweasel, I now have a laptop so I don't have any PCI slots. I suppose a USB/PC-Card version is out of the question?
Catweasel Software updates : Comment 7 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Frans on 19-Dec-2002 14:19 GMT
I'm still very confused.
I cannot seem to do anything with my Catweasel Flipper on my PC apart from using the little DiskImage utility for Dos and Amiga disks...
Surely there must be more to it?
On my Amiga I'm using the older Catweasel/Buddha and I'm able to acces all kinds of floppies.
How does it work on the PC, anybody?
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