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[News] Zeoneo NewsANN.lu
Posted on 17-Dec-2002 14:18 GMT by Rachet (Edited on 2002-12-17 19:20:45 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš)17 comments
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There is a news release about Zeoneo in the news section of GetBoinged.org.
Zeoneo News : Comment 1 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by JoannaK on 17-Dec-2002 13:35 GMT
Nothing new, just another press release of same old. One game to One m$ platform, just the same gamepack has been announced by AmigaInc month ago... And honestly, after Sendos moving to Symbian even talking about smartphones is a bad joke. :-(
Zeoneo News : Comment 2 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Rachet on 17-Dec-2002 13:43 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (JoannaK):
They do say something about a new game called Invasion, I wonder what that is going to be like?
I like their stuff, they do quality work.
Zeoneo News : Comment 3 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Troels E on 17-Dec-2002 13:55 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (JoannaK):
Well atleast the Orange smartphone is a huge hit here in Denmark (and I guess in other countries too). Even though it's got an M$ OS installed it would surely be my choice IF I was going to buy a new phone with a LOT OF FEATURES right now. My Ericsson R600 is more than enough for me though:-)

Amiga content for the Orange phone will probably see the light of the day in februrary (just a wild guess!!).

I do agree that AmigaDE needs to be availble on Symbian too, but Smartphones high spec. makes it a bit easier to get intent running I guess.
Zeoneo News : Comment 4 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by JoannaK on 17-Dec-2002 14:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Troels E):
Orange SPV is only available on those couple countries it has own mobile network, so it sales are a bit limited. And one 'not so nice' detail about Orange is that they do themselves decide what games and applcations will be available to their phones. So even if your software is approved and distributed by m$ it's no quarantee that it'll even appear to Orange mobiles.

Zeoneo News : Comment 5 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 17-Dec-2002 15:23 GMT
"we believe serious gamers will soon come to see PocketPC and Smartphone devices as the ultimate mobile gaming platforms"

That's so laughable it took until just now for my hands to be steady so I could type this. If anyone at Zeoneo actually wrote this tripe I feel sorry even for Amiga Inc.
Zeoneo News : Comment 6 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Linus Gustafsson on 17-Dec-2002 15:41 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Anonymous):
Care to explain why ?
Zeoneo News : Comment 7 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by reflect on 17-Dec-2002 15:44 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Anonymous):
it says MOBILE gaming platform. not gaming platform..
Zeoneo News : Comment 8 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by JoannaK on 17-Dec-2002 15:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Anonymous):
You have to keep in mind while reading ZeoNeo's announcement about the fact that their income of these games (and their only income by looks of their pages) is directly proportional of sales figures, so they just better keep on telling just how good this new deal is. :)

That Invasion sounds like yet another Space Invaders/Galaxian clone. And why not, if it's good one. I play couple of those occasionally on my Palm..
Zeoneo News : Comment 9 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 17-Dec-2002 18:18 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Linus Gustafsson):
Zeoneo News : Comment 10 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by AmiTroll on 17-Dec-2002 18:22 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (JoannaK):
Heh, a company flogging thier wares as if they are
good things.. What a novel idea. ;)

I don't even own any handhelds so i doubt i'll buy
any of these. Well, ok, i have a cellphone but i
only use it for phone calls (gasp if you must).
But i havent seen any of the DE related games/apps
and i doubt it will be anytime soon. (never know
though) They do look kind of neat though.

Zeoneo News : Comment 11 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Cosmo on 17-Dec-2002 19:59 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (Anonymous):
It says SERIOUS gamers, not little kiddies who only want Super Mario

Zeoneo News : Comment 12 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 17-Dec-2002 20:27 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (Cosmo):
Still... untill the love towards M$ carries over everything, I can not see M$ products as the ultimate mobile game platform...

Nintendo is the king of the hill today.

Nokia's and Sega's co-operation to develop hand held game device that also functions as a cell phone is yet another serious competitor...


About the "smart"phone/bugfarm/whatever...

I think the sales target for smartphones untill June2003 is 200 000 units.
And the sales target for Nokia 7650 phones is over 5 000 000 during the same period.

It definitely seems that AACE should be available on the symbian platform NOW!
Zeoneo News : Comment 13 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 17-Dec-2002 20:30 GMT
In reply to Comment 12 (priest):
The "bugfarm" -reference: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/64/28351.html
Zeoneo News : Comment 14 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by TheArrogantSarny on 18-Dec-2002 00:29 GMT
Perhaps it's just me, but all I want from a mobile phone, is to be able to make telephone calls to people. Why they always have to try and make them into something they're not is beyond me.

Wow... great idea... a PDA with a 2mm screen. NEXT ;-)
Zeoneo News : Comment 15 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 18-Dec-2002 02:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Troels E):
>I do agree that AmigaDE needs to be availble on Symbian too

It is available in Symbian already
Zeoneo News : Comment 16 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Repo man on 18-Dec-2002 02:40 GMT
In reply to Comment 15 (Anonymous):
> It is available in Symbian already

No, it's not.
Have you been listening to McEwen again? :-D Stop doing that.

First of all, "AmigaDE" does not exist, maybe it will some day. Now there's only the "DE-player" or AmigaAnywhere or AACE or whatever it's called today.

Second, the AACE is NOT available for Symbian. Tao's own stuff runs on Symbian, and it might be that ainc has a Symbian build of "their" stuff in the ainc basement office at the MS campus, but it most certainly is not *available*.

But then again, who the heck gives a damn about ainc and what they're playing with. Just like AmiTroll (IvanItch) above, I don't care what my cellphone runs as long as I can make phone calls with it, and if there are puzzle games for it then it's totally irrelevant to me as a user/customer if they're distributed through a company called "Amiga, Inc."

The tired old "AmigaDEAD" joke is more and more obviously not a joke.
Either apps on mobile devices will run as native apps on the respective OS, or they'll be Java apps - or OEMs will license Tao's technology directly from Tao, not from ANOTHER licensee like ainc.

The VCs who funded the formation of "Amiga, Inc." and the "Amiga" trademark purchase from Gateway will have lost a few million bucks. Big f-ing deal. In the end, McEwen got a motorcycle out of it all. Trucks will still need drivers, PR departments will still need marketers. Life goes on.
Zeoneo News : Comment 17 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Alkis Tsapanidis on 18-Dec-2002 12:25 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (Cosmo):
Serious games do not play crossword puzzles... :)
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