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[Web] Mooving serversANN.lu
Posted on 18-Dec-2002 04:01 GMT by Moooouahahahah2 comments
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John Shepard says: "We are moving flyingmice.com to a new server. As such, Moo Bunny will be SHUT DOWN tomorrow (Wednesday, December 18) at approximately 11:00 on the 'It is now' clock. It will be down for a week at least."

"You'll be kept informed. http://flyingmice.com/squid/move.shtml will keep you up to date of what's going on."

Mooving servers : Comment 1 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by darth X on 18-Dec-2002 19:09 GMT
moovin.. moovin.. moovin..
Mooving servers : Comment 2 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Troll on 19-Dec-2002 09:16 GMT
Shephard of sheeps, or rather, trolls.
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