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[Web] Update at www.amigasource.comANN.lu
Posted on 23-Dec-2002 09:58 GMT by Scott Pistorino
Site update at AmigaSource and request for some HTML help! As always.. Adding them links!! Hello All,
Happy Holidays. Just wanted to add a bit of chatter to the forum and ask for a little help. I had some spare time today and was able to do a complete site overhaul. It looks much the same but code has been cleaned up and seriouly streamed lined. I was able to remove over 500K off the total site upload. Yes 500K! Can you say "BLOATED HTML code"
Anyway I would be welcome to any suggestions, problems or comments with the new design. YES I KNOW THE SITE LOOKS DATED and somewhat CRAPPY!!!! But unless someone e-mails me a better design it's going to have to stay this way. I'm not 100% pleased but IT DOES SERVE IT"S PURPOSE!!!
My real concern is with Voyager and Ibrowse. It may be just my setup but I can't get Voyager to display multiple tables side by side and both Voyager & Ibrowse can't properly display the form page. Any suggestions??? I've hit the limit with my HTML coding.. AAGHH
Well that's it for now. Off to do some more cataloging. I need to break 1200 sites tonight.

Thanks in advance & Happy Holidays!!
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