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Posted on 16-Jan-2003 19:43 GMT by Fly3 comments
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The team at AmigaOne IRC have added the <b>Aminova</b> news mirror to include public news posts for all your Amiga news. If you would like to get another Amiga news forum rolling then check it out <a HREF="http://cgi.riblet.plus.com/amigaoneforum/viewforum.php?f=10">here or here. The main Aminova Amiga News Mirror can still be found here http://news.amigaone-irc.net Plus theres more… We are also looking for all you budding writers out there to tell us what you think about your AmigaOne G3/G4 XE systems or basically anything to include in our "Articles" section of the site. If you have anything that you would like to see added to our “Articles” section feel free to send your stuff in to manager.amigaone@ntlworld.com I hope to build some great content for this section and your help is greatly appreciated. Cheers Fly^ manager.amigaone@ntlworld.com
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Posted by elektro on 17-Jan-2003 01:43 GMT
"This window has come up because you are utilizing a popup killer. This service is provided free of charge provided that you view the ads. To avoid having the popups displayed in front of your browser, turn off your popup killer."
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Posted by elektro on 17-Jan-2003 01:44 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (elektro):
sorry that should've been one topic above...
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Posted by Sum1 on 17-Jan-2003 23:19 GMT
Use a proper pop up killer which is not detected by websites anti popup/ad removing software.
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