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[Rant] Own Morphos-sectionANN.lu
Posted on 25-Feb-2003 08:52 GMT by Bjørn Ola Ingesson60 comments
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Could it be possible to add a Morphos-section so that I can just tick it off and don't have to read about it? I understand it's hard to implement new features, but maybe within a month? It's beginning to be quite difficult to spot the real Amiga news in between all the Morphos and Pegasos chit chat.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 1 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by JoBBo on 25-Feb-2003 07:59 GMT
No, but you might want to leave ANN and visit the forums on www.amiga.com instead (the one and only OFFICIAL Amiga Inc. website).

Bye-bye! And, don't bother coming back.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 2 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 25-Feb-2003 08:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (JoBBo):
I think you will find a lot more Amiga news when AOS 4 finally emerges into the daylight.

(There will also of course be messages saying it is totally useless and fatally flawed.)
Own Morphos-section : Comment 3 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by catohagen on 25-Feb-2003 08:22 GMT
theres quite many morphos sites out there now, latest one morphzone.org, so
i think most mos news will go there in the future...
Own Morphos-section : Comment 4 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Hooligan/DCS on 25-Feb-2003 08:35 GMT
which is better:
a) Have news, announcements and other different things related to MOS/Pegasos released frequently by Genesi and associates.


b) Have nothing, not even a word of news from Amiga or Hyperion what is going on and what will happen in future.

I think you're barking at the wrong tree here. Don't ask MOS/Pegasos news to be removed, ask Amiga/Hyperion to start posting news and make something concrete to happen.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 5 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by kjetil on 25-Feb-2003 08:42 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (catohagen):
Absolutely not at all, most news is linked to one or otter MorphOS site.
And Bjørn Ola Ingesson ANN.LU is the place where every thing from CommandoreOne to AmigaOne and MorphOS news, and even MacOS, Linux and Windows news is posted from time to time. Is posted, you better get used to that, and ANN is also the place for heated debates over, Amiga/MorphOS relented things or things that is interesting to most pre/Amiga users it’s not pure Amiga site.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 6 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 25-Feb-2003 09:31 GMT
IMO: Some kind of MOS/AOS filter could be usable.

But if people want to read ONLY MOS/Genesi news, morphos-news.de is the place (there never is AmigaOS/amigaDE/AmigaInc news, unless they are multiplarform as well).

btw. Is there any web site dedicated to AmigaOS/amigaDE/AmigaInc news only?
Own Morphos-section : Comment 7 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Emeric SH on 25-Feb-2003 10:13 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (priest):
www.amigart.com? Sinan Gurkan decided to omit Pegasos/MOS news, if not related to what he thinks is Amiga. An editorial decision, which I just as well accept as of ann's and any other site editor's.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 8 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Sam Smith on 25-Feb-2003 10:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (priest):
A good question! Maybe now there is a demand for a pure Amiga site again someone may go ahead and provide one. Unless there is one out there already that I haven't heard about.

Own Morphos-section : Comment 9 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Sam Smith on 25-Feb-2003 10:19 GMT
Ann is a multi-format forum and that is one of its great strengths. You should perhaps pick an Amiga-only site (if there is one) as your main site and just dip into Ann as and when.

I find Ann's multi-format approach beneficial and a MOS only tick box would upset quite a lot of people. I don't think it's wise to segregate one particular group of users. Don's right - when 4 is released things will hopefully become more balanced again.

Own Morphos-section : Comment 10 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Ben on 25-Feb-2003 10:47 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (Sam Smith):
If a MorphOS tick-box would upset a load of people:

a) thats sad to hear
b) lets do it
c) its on by default
d) all of the above
Own Morphos-section : Comment 11 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Emeric SH on 25-Feb-2003 11:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Ben):
Set up an Amithlon, UAE, AROS, etc. tick as well?

I'm not interested in Amithlon/UAE articles. Yet I never thought about asking for a tick to let me remove them.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 12 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Sam Smith on 25-Feb-2003 11:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Ben):
I hear what you're saying - I'm not a MOS fan either but that will just cause unnessesary conflict.

I'd like to think that the intelligent users here can put up with a few stray comments from odd users trying to disrupt the peace and turn Ann away from being a useful news and learning experience into a mudslinging arena.

Perhaps someone could do an Amiga only news/forum site as the young Ann was when it was 'Amiga Network News'?

I think that it is far more beneficial if everyone can use the 'debates' on Ann as education on how to stay level headed and get on with like-minded sensible people yet stop the idiots from wasting everyone's time.

Own Morphos-section : Comment 13 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Hooligan/DCS on 25-Feb-2003 11:08 GMT
Don't forget we must have a tickbox also for AmigaOne.. as it's not an Amiga. of course, matter of taste, but at least I don't consider it as a _real_ Amiga.
If there was to be a new tickbox, I'd like to have one filtering useless bitchers to save my time.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 14 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Lando on 25-Feb-2003 11:19 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (Hooligan/DCS):
>Don't forget we must have a tickbox also for AmigaOne.. as it's not an
>Amiga. of course, matter of taste, but at least I don't consider it
>as a _real_ Amiga. If there was to be a new tickbox, I'd like to have
>one filtering useless bitchers to save my time.

Well, I agree AmigaOne isn't an Amiga *yet* - just an expensive Linux board - but I will consider it an Amiga if and when it runs AmigaOS 4.0. Until then it doesn't interest me in the slightest.

BTW is Dual Crew Shining planning any Pegasos demo productions? :)
Own Morphos-section : Comment 15 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 25-Feb-2003 11:38 GMT
I wonder how much more dull place this would be without MOS news & MOS fanatics... or would people be then more productive instead of fighting...
Own Morphos-section : Comment 16 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by x on 25-Feb-2003 12:01 GMT
This is a pretty good idea, but I fear that
the MOS-fanatics will continue to infiltrate
the "true" Amiga threads with their FUD. There
is nothing stopping them.

Hmm, how about complementing the above idea
with banning of the following words in posts/
announcements etc. in the other non-morphos
threads on ann: MorphOS, MOS, M-OS and every conceivable
abbreviation of MorphOs, Pegasos, Pegasi, Genesi and
so on.

Own Morphos-section : Comment 17 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by takemehomegrandma on 25-Feb-2003 12:02 GMT
In reply to Comment 15 (priest):
If all Genesi/Pegasos/MorphOS news and discussions was to be removed from this place, and replaced with AmigaInc/A1/OS4 news and discussions only, wouldn´t ann then become:

1) An empty void.
2) A dead desert.
3) A silent toomb.
4) All of the above.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 18 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 25-Feb-2003 12:17 GMT
In reply to Comment 17 (takemehomegrandma):
Something like that, but after a quick calculation 4/10 of the items seems to be non Amiga and genesis related. (3/10 is closer to the average)
Own Morphos-section : Comment 19 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Hooligan/DCS on 25-Feb-2003 12:46 GMT
In reply to Comment 14 (Lando):
In a matter of fact we have sent resumes to Buck and are waiting a response whether Shape/DCS gets a loaned Pegasos or not. I ordered mine last friday.

As a sidenote, in case some demoscene people have missed latest news:
You may get a loaned Pegasos to work with if you send a little email to bbrv@genesi.lu saying why you should get a Pegasos. I suggest to include url with previous work so they can be checked and judged.

Sceners who have sent resumes and are prepared to work on a demo or intro, stop by at morphzone at my forum-corner. It's a closed part of forum and you have to email me at hooligan@phnet.fi to get access. Spread the word around about this possibility.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 20 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 25-Feb-2003 13:02 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (priest):
hmmm Is this any better english:
"... 4/10 of the items seems to be non Amiga, but Genesi related."

(and it's so hard to leave the extra "s" off the "Genesi")
Own Morphos-section : Comment 21 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by alan buxey on 25-Feb-2003 13:30 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (Hooligan/DCS):
how do you define an Amiga? I define my A1200 as an Amiga
because it runs AmigaOS. If I think about the hardware, then
pratically everything inside is different to my old long gone A500.
eg My Amiga has 060 and PowerPC, it has a Gayle, Alice etc.
no sign of Gary or Agnus.

I will happily define the 'AmigaONE' branded Teron as an Amiga when
AmigaOS 4 runs on it. until then its a PowerPC Linux m/b

likewise, if AmigaOS4 ever runs native on the Pegasos (ie no emulation)
then it, too, is an Amiga

(both systems are as different as eg A3000 v's A4000/030 - but BOTH could
happily run AmigaOS4 and be binary compatible)

..until then, Pegasos is ..well, either a Morphbox or PowerPC Linux box.

PS If you do get the Pegasos please make some kickass demos for it. the demo
scene has got lax. theres no usage of the technology. the top-end PC's are, basically , not doing anything amazing in the demo world! :-(

Own Morphos-section : Comment 22 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Christophe Decanini on 25-Feb-2003 13:31 GMT
I think that Christian's view of ANN is a site who put together all Amiga related news.

If you never noticed 95% of the posts are done by ANN users. ANN is what the users make of it. Sometimes we have good posts, good debates, sometimes we are ashamed to see how "free speech" is used to provocate, insult ...
The point of the categories is not to sort by subject. I think its main now is to filter the unmoderated and forum posts.

I'am surprised that Sinan excluded MorphOS posts as he had good posts on LinuxPPC for example. My opinion is that MorphOS is one of the system used in the Amiga community and that we don't need to fragment a small group once again. MorphOS may not only be that but there are definitely a lot of people reading ANN interested in it.
There are other sites that are more dedicated to a single system and they are welcome for the people seeking for such sites.
Even if ANN is where the heated posts happen it also give the oportunity to have some good debates between the different groups. It is better to have that than for example (only) dedicated sites to each OS where people praise their side and deny the other without any communication happening.
This notion of belonging to a group is not necessary percieved by everyone. There are still some objective people who see these systems as being tools or hobbies and who are not belonging to any group.
These groups are certainly causing the platform destruction to a certain extent because at the end there are aggressive reactions against all the companies still involved in this small market. The people in these companies are often pissed of to see how they are treated despite their efforts.

ANN has other advantages like the fact that someone can post about his software release here and have several people running his applications on several Amiga or Amiga like operating systems.

As an ANN user I like to see all posts to know about different systems. I don't want to be limited, or put in one "box".
What happen in a community when someone start to sort all groups and separate them ? Isn't it much worse than when they are all living together ?
Own Morphos-section : Comment 23 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Ben on 25-Feb-2003 13:33 GMT
In reply to Comment 17 (takemehomegrandma):
So therefore - when "OS4 only" fans untick the default "show MOS news" box they will not see anything - so what, you wont miss out on anything?
Own Morphos-section : Comment 24 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 25-Feb-2003 13:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (JoBBo):
I think you are the one who should go away :P
Own Morphos-section : Comment 25 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Xeyes on 25-Feb-2003 14:33 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Ben):
Not untill we have an AmigaOS only checkbox as well
Own Morphos-section : Comment 26 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Mike Veroukis on 25-Feb-2003 14:48 GMT
I say just get rid of the MorphOS articles all together! This is the AMIGA News Network, not the Amiga-Ripoff News Network! Those who like MOS can go to their MOS only web sites. I'm sure they wouldn't like it if I went to MorphosZone and started posting about OS4!

- Mike
Own Morphos-section : Comment 27 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Alkis Tsapanidis on 25-Feb-2003 14:59 GMT
In reply to Comment 26 (Mike Veroukis):
You are a rip off.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 28 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 25-Feb-2003 15:01 GMT
You people are reallly sad bastards, lets all make this site in to a Amiga worshiping site where all we want to do is bow down and worship amiga inc and prayer to all Amiga things,

Face it folks Amiga is dead and will never surface, where is OS4? lol.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 29 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Hooligan/DCS on 25-Feb-2003 15:04 GMT
In reply to Comment 26 (Mike Veroukis):
What makes you think OS4 will not be under discussions in near future when the site takes off? I see no point to exclude it.. its only healthy to compare the two os's and maybe even learn from each other in future updates. Same goes here, why have not both?
And what comes to AMIGA Network News, I think past years have shown that there is a lot of stuff posted which are not Amiga-related at all.. all those "port this from platform x" posts comes to my mind first.

<hint> And by the way, who tells you to read the given Pegasos/MOS topics? You can skip the ones you aren't interested in. </hint>


Own Morphos-section : Comment 30 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Sigbjørn Skjæret on 25-Feb-2003 15:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 26 (Mike Veroukis):
Ok, first off you need a reality check, this is NOT the Amiga News Network, this has been explained to death already, and you obviously don't even pay enough attention to this site to notice...

Also, you fail to realise that alot of these "MorphOS articles" are infact very Amiga related, and as such should be interesting even to people who don't really have any interest in MorphOS .. furthermore a little enlightenment about happens outside your little self-made bubble never hurt anyone.

Your statements are somewhat reminiscent to the ones made about "camps", like you can just collectively group a bunch of people who have one interest into a broad stereotypical gathering that are only interested in one thing, and that one thing only .. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work like that in the real world, quite often you'll find that one thing does not necessarily exclude all the others...

Try to lighten up a bit, skim the news, and only pay extra attention to the ones that seem to hold an interest to you, much like most people read the newspapers (I'll leave it up to you at which point you prefer to read the funnypages (or not, if you think they're all crap anyway))... ;)

Own Morphos-section : Comment 31 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Bladerunner on 25-Feb-2003 15:45 GMT
Without reading all the previous comments ( I am sure there are some people which allready said that:)
Read it or leave it! Really what are all those "Ouuuu my eyes are blinded by all those Pegasos and Morph OS
related topics" whiner think of? You can like it or not, but the Pegasos/Morph OS Combo is the Solution which come
to closest as "Amiga" Hey not only that core Amiga Developers had started with it, no there is even Software "ported" which made
the Amiga OS a better OS such as Mui, CGX etc. This is perhaps one of the main difference between MOS and other so called "AOS Sucessors" as BeOS ATHEOS etc.

I can understand (better accept, not understand) when you dislike the whole thin, but PLEASE stop whining!
Own Morphos-section : Comment 32 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by z5 on 25-Feb-2003 16:14 GMT
In reply to Comment 19 (Hooligan/DCS):
Blimey, a demo from Dcs might tempt me to buy a Pegasos :) Who knows what Shape can do on modern hardware...

(btw.i just added Phenomenon to my demosite A.D.A. :))
Own Morphos-section : Comment 33 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 25-Feb-2003 16:20 GMT
In reply to Comment 21 (alan buxey):
"how do you define an Amiga?"

A computer that boots straight into an operating system that can run DeLuxe Paint.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 34 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Lando on 25-Feb-2003 16:29 GMT
In reply to Comment 33 (Don Cox):
>A computer that boots straight into an operating system that can run
>DeLuxe Paint.

Then my old 386SX-40 running Dos 5.0 would be an Amiga? And my Atari 1040ST ? ;)

I think the definition should be "A computer that runs AmigaOS natively" ("natively" because that excludes Macs / PC's /AmigaOnes running UAE)
Own Morphos-section : Comment 35 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Robert on 25-Feb-2003 16:55 GMT
Posted on 25-Feb-2003 08:52 GMT by Bjørn Ola Ingesson34 comments (17k)

>Could it be possible to add a Morphos-section so that I can just tick it off and don't have to read about it?

Bjørn, you rock! That is a great idea. We could have selections for ANN and MNN to tic or not.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 36 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Gabriele Favrin on 25-Feb-2003 16:57 GMT
Sibxe MorphOS in an AmigaOS compatible product any news related
to it is surely more insteresting than the ones about
"amiverse", amigade and so one.

Well, I wuold even say that MorphOS and PegasOS are AMIGA themselves.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 37 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by pixie on 25-Feb-2003 17:40 GMT
In reply to Comment 30 (Sigbjørn Skjæret):
"Ok, first off you need a reality check, this is NOT the Amiga News Network"

Although this is not Amiga Network News anymore, I suspect that was the Amiga name who bring all this people here first time... not morphos neither other kind of news.
It's only natural that some of the users brag about it, as it once was indeed called that way, nowdays if you do prefer the AmigaOS4 solution, you are insulted with numerous names on a place where you were supposed to talk about Amiga in a friendly manner...

There's too much hunger towards Amiga users these days, by the same users that once were also Amiga users...
Own Morphos-section : Comment 38 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by pixie on 25-Feb-2003 17:43 GMT
In reply to Comment 36 (Gabriele Favrin):
"Well, I wuold even say that MorphOS and PegasOS are AMIGA themselves."
You could, but then you would be lying wouldn't you!?
Own Morphos-section : Comment 39 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Kelly Samel on 25-Feb-2003 17:50 GMT
I understand what some are saying: that only OS4 is
the real AmigaOS. But let's face it, MorphOS is
compatible with Amiga software and operates in a
very similar way. I think it's at least "Amiga"
related in that respect and should be of interest to
all Amiga users out there. It's just one more way
to run your Amiga software and develop new "Amiga"
applications for the future. We have many
solutions in this market because of a lack of
activity for so many years, different groups had
to decide what direction their Amiga experiences
would take. OS4 is based on some of AmigaOS3.x code
but I think a high part of it was rewritten almost from
scratch too, this is necessary to support PPC and other
modern technology. (like ExecSG for instance...)

If your definition of Amiga means that it has to stay exactly
the same as OS3.x and never have parts rewritten or
changed, this is unrealistic in my opinion. That being
said, I think OS4 will be very interesting too and all
Amiga/MorphOS users are sure to keep an eye on it too...

I would like to see OS4 on Pegasos hardware and MorphOS
on the A1 but until that happens people can experience
what MorphOS has to offer. If people are not given the
choice between OS4 and MorphOS on their hardware of
choice then they can continue to use whichever is bundled.
Which OS serves each individual the best can not be known yet.
A comparision can not be made until Amiga Inc. and Hyperion
have something released and even then there will be differences
of opinion on the subject...

Genesi seems to have a lot of resources for development
in both hardware and software so don't expect MorphOS to go
away when OS4 is released either. It's better if we can share
our experiences and help develop standardised APIs etc. that
will make it easier for software to run on both systems reliably
and effectively. Most developers and Amiga resellers have
realized this and offer both solutions equal support, I agree
with this approach.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 40 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by pixie on 25-Feb-2003 17:55 GMT
Much ppl do confuse a few things:

*Amithlon doesn't need to have somekind of area as it indeed is an Amiga although in an emulated form(it doesn't pretend to be anything else) with AmigaOS legal (or was being sold as if) and had once (yet(?))the aproval of Amiga Inc (but Harald Frank don't aprove and piss everyones off)

*Aros has contributed in many ways to AmigaOS development, is an opensource movement and din't touch Amiga market, it's a way to ensure that AmigaOS live on, their founders and supporters never had such hanger against amiga, and always

*MorphOS in the other hand is targueted at the very same Amiga's niche, it doesn't detach itself enough from it, and despite this their fans only stir sh*t on AOS4...
Own Morphos-section : Comment 41 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by pixie on 25-Feb-2003 18:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 39 (Kelly Samel):
But let it call the things by their names, they wan't to attach to the Amiga bandwagon, there's even users that in their minds don't see AmigaOne as an Amiga, there's much delusional in this forums today, one thing is what we think and other what it really is, it can't be any other thing just because you don't agree with it...

AmigaOS 4 has its root on 3.1 exec but it's not exactly like it, it's extended further but yet remaining (I hope) the same feeling...
Own Morphos-section : Comment 42 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by MIKE on 25-Feb-2003 18:26 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Emeric SH):
Better known as manowar, blind amiga follower and hater of all things Ralph Schmidt/p5 (and frankly not a very bright fellow, at least from IRC).
Own Morphos-section : Comment 43 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Hooligan/DCS on 25-Feb-2003 19:08 GMT
In reply to Comment 41 (pixie):
But no-one CAN think AmigaOne as an Amiga now as there is no AmigaOS for it, right. So till we have it, lets stick calling it a linuxbox and feature mos/peg related news items here.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 44 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 25-Feb-2003 19:25 GMT
In reply to Comment 43 (Hooligan/DCS):

This box thing might not be a bad idea...a box for MorphOS, a box for Amiga OS, a box for OpenBSD, a box for Debian, a box for SuSE, a box for etc.

...and that is for the OS side of things.

Then, on the hardware side if a post applies to the Pegasos for example...

You get the picture!

Great idea!

Best regards,

Own Morphos-section : Comment 45 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by ONE on 25-Feb-2003 21:29 GMT
The AmigaONE is nothing more than a overpriced TeronCX/PX board with a rom on it which costs the users around 200 dollars each for the magic dongle.

Shows you how companies will exploit the users who follow the name "Amiga".

I for one will not be exploited in to buying a TeronONE, i will stick with Amithlon.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 46 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by CodeSmith on 26-Feb-2003 00:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 44 (bbrv):
>Great idea!
>Best regards,

Hey, it's not every day that BBRV and I agree on something :)

I personally think it's a good idea, not because I don't like reading MOS-related news, but because it makes life much easier when searching for something. It's a *checkbox* people - easy to turn on and off. If I'm searching for some Hyperion-related stuff I can turn off the MOS checkbox (removing a lot of stuff I'm not interested in at the time), then when I've found it I can turn it on again so I can catch up on general news and gossip. It's not about censorship, it's about not having to drink from a firehose at full bore.
Own Morphos-section : Comment 47 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by CodeSmith on 26-Feb-2003 00:04 GMT
In reply to Comment 45 (ONE):
And this comment is on topic exactly how? Unless of course you're kindly providing an example of why one would want to filter out posts by MOS fans...
Own Morphos-section : Comment 48 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by greenboy on 26-Feb-2003 01:23 GMT
I have this cool way to read -just- the topics that interest me: I just don't click the links that don't seem like something I feel like reading about. Novel concept I know - but it didn't cost the webmaster any time, and it works like a charm ; }

Try it, you'll like it!

PS, one can skip posts too, it works very nicely in LIST mode : }
<--greenboy---<<<<      wetware specialist
Own Morphos-section : Comment 49 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Loki on 26-Feb-2003 02:34 GMT
In reply to Comment 28 (Anonymous):
I say add a tick mark for filtering out Annon's!

Own Morphos-section : Comment 50 of 60ANN.lu
Posted by Hooligan/DCS on 26-Feb-2003 03:27 GMT
In reply to Comment 44 (bbrv):
Well of course it won't hurt anyone, but I wonder who is willing to put time and effort to do such feature when only a very few uses it. Of course if Kemp has too much time at hands .. well.. :)

@ comment 46

>It's a *checkbox* people - easy to turn on and off. If I'm searching for some >Hyperion-related stuff I can turn off the MOS checkbox (removing a lot of >stuff I'm not interested in at the time)

So far I have used the search feature, works ok but a tick box to include only certain news items in search would be handy. Or peehaps better to have some sort of icon representing in which news category this and that thread begins, would pretty much do the same thing.
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