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[Web] Amiga Arena Interview Database online!ANN.lu
Posted on 15-Mar-2003 18:22 GMT by Amiga Arena (Edited on 2003-03-16 15:15:17 GMT by Christian Kemp)
Since 2000 the Amiga Arena makes a lot of Interviews with many developers from the free and Sharware Amiga base. With this Database you can read all the interviews from 2000 till 2003. You need only the Freeware Database "XBaze" from Rafal Kaczmarczk. features:
  • you can open from the Database your Browser and Mail Programm via openurl.library
  • 99 Interviews
  • You can read them direct out from the Base!
  • You can compare the Interviews from 2000 - 2003
Special thanks to:
  • Rafal Kaczmarczk for XBaze and his help!
  • Christian Busse for all the translations!
You can download the database in the rubric "Interviews"
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