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[News] AIO 70 is outANN.lu
Posted on 27-Apr-2003 05:10 GMT by Mark Tierno4 comments
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AIO issue 70 is out and should soon be up on Aminet. Included is a review of Storm C4, an article on how to clean and maintain your Zip drives, and a big announcement.
AIO 70 is out : Comment 1 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by James Carroll on 27-Apr-2003 04:50 GMT
OOH GOODY I love big announcements!
AIO 70 is out : Comment 2 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by catohagen on 27-Apr-2003 07:18 GMT
Genesi got its ceo replaced too ? :)
AIO 70 is out : Comment 3 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by AIO Reader on 27-Apr-2003 18:50 GMT
Why must a nother AMIGA Online Mag die?

Please stopp the dieing of our Amiga e-zine scene! :-((

All the best for AIO - thank you for your great work!
AIO 70 is out : Comment 4 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Ole-Egil on 28-Apr-2003 10:13 GMT
Wow. I take one look at ANN after being away for 3 days (I've been in Windows playing Civ 3 the whole weekend :-) ), and when I come back there's 1 news item and 9 bullshit stories on the last 10 submissions.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

Anyway, thanks for providing something newsworthy in an otherwise flamed-down news site :-)
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