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[Files] DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released!ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Apr-2003 18:58 GMT by Rudolph Riedel11 comments
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Hi! The new DM2 version is available from my new homepage: http://dm2.privat.t-online.de/ Check the DM2beta.readme for details. Have fun - Rudolph
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 1 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by AmiTroll on 27-Apr-2003 21:36 GMT
Just gets better and better Rudi. *thumbs up* :)

DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 2 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by ABM$ on 28-Apr-2003 01:18 GMT
I've read lots of spin today and here are my guesses as
to what is actually going on here:

1. Love 'em or hate 'em, AInc/Bill McEwen owns the IP that
BBRV covets.

2. AInc is the object of a sort of "hostile" takeover by
BBRV based on hoped for pressure from ongoing litigation
and/or AInc investors and/or perceived weakness of AInc's
present finacial situation.

I thinks it's a gamble and can only hope that BBRV will
come up short. They seem to be trying to kill off a weaker
competitor with half truthes and inuendo.
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 3 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 28-Apr-2003 05:27 GMT
How can one demo test an OS you don’t have the hardware fore,
I guess it most be CyberStormPPC and BlizzardPPC version of the OS4.0 then,

But DiskMaster2 already is reported to work like a charm on Amithlon and MorphOS. Plus I'm member of the OS4 beta-testing team...

I'm only afraid that I can't afford to buy myself an A1. So if you have some spare Euros to encourage further development - donations are welcome. ;-) >:

It’s cool to se my fevered disk masker is under development, disk master is starting to become an old program 1991 or 1990 when where project started and when where the official release?

It will be really cool to start using DM, when OS4.0 out and done some shopping for a AmigaOne, I will be waiting until there is an OS4.0 unlike may otter here, don’t like broken promises, and I all ready have a perfect Linux computer at home, (well the only problem is the power supply)
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 4 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Teemu I. Yliselä on 28-Apr-2003 09:03 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (ABM$):
Wrong. What's going on here is that a developer released a new version of DiskMaster.
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 5 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Rudolph Riedel on 28-Apr-2003 18:43 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Kjetil):

Yes, I don't have a PPC in my A1200.
And I am OS4 beta-tester.
The answer to this is pretty simple, there are 68k modules
for the beta-testers as you just can't test a complete
OS all at once, you have to base your testing at least
on a known plattform with known bugs before you can
identify any knew ones that may sneek into development
when you port all the assembly stuff to C-sources.
And so I'm not testing the complete OS4, only modules
like the new DOS.library.
This is nothing new and I am allowed to tell that I am
a member of the OS4 beta-testing team.
I can't however give any statement about the current
status of OS4.
And there won't be a public release of the 68k modules.

Regards - Rudolph
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 6 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by [JC] on 28-Apr-2003 20:31 GMT
Glad to see DiskMaster is still going. I used to use this program all the time when I discovered it on an Amiga Format floppy (it was miles better than DirWorks which I had been using up to that point). Man, I remember the hours I spent configuring it to work exactly as I wanted it :)

Sometimes I ponder upon writing a replacement shell for Windows in order to get this sort of feel back on my system. It's certainly possible (see litestep), and was what I was hoping DirOpus would've been, but wasn't.
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 7 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 29-Apr-2003 05:42 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 ([JC]):
Do you remember climate, I where using it until I found DM
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 8 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 29-Apr-2003 05:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Rudolph Riedel):
My brain stopped working for a moment there I where not thinking about the 68k modules, can you say any thing about the DOS.library, so how do you test this modules do make programs that uses them directly like DM or are you simply running them and testing them by simply reporting bugs an crashes, what type of debuggers are you using to find the bugs? Have you hade any benefits from being an beta tester? Except being the first to know and use alfa/beta state software?
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 9 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Rudolph Riedel on 29-Apr-2003 09:19 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Kjetil):
Well, this is a very delicate thing to say at the least.
I'm bound to an NDA so I must not give any direct information about
the status of OS4.
I can only say how I -personally- handle the beta-test.
Now that DM2 is rather tied to DOS I most of all checked if DM2
still worked as before. So at one point for example I found a "bug" in a DOS.library beta were one function did not show exactly the same behaviour
as before. This behaviour wasn't officially documented but yet it made a
difference if I used OS3.9 or OS4.0 - so this was "fixed" in DOS plus
I corrected the "wrong" usage of this function in DM2.
As well as I tested the new functionality of DOS with DM2.
Now one could argue that this gave me an advantage in competition.
Well, what competition then, I'm not selling anything.
And in contrary I informed for example Martin Elsner that he should have
a closer look on the feature list.
But as I wrote at the beginning, I'm under NDA and therefore not in
the position to release any information.

Regards - Rudolph
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 10 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 29-Apr-2003 12:21 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (Rudolph Riedel):
still worked as before. So at one point for example I found a "bug" in a DOS.library beta were one function did not show exactly the same behaviour,

If find it so typical that if I change some thing with my program (PublicPaint / Linux dev version), it offend effects otter parts inn totally mad way, cause the same routines are used all over the place and this you might not anticipate may be really hard to track down, I where playing with function pointers and dynamic arguments like the ones used in printf and sprintf you know ap_start() ap_end() macros all looked just fine until started loading 8bit graphics, every thing crashed unexpectedly at that point, how ever in this case the fault where only that I where not reading the man pages to degree I should have done. Inn Look like the function pointers can not have dynamic arguments as there effects stack in bad way or some thing.

The same happened when I added 16bit support this I changed with in the 16bit function crashed and closed strange behaviour with inn 8bit, sync problems and calculation error, and same way the otter way around, as long as the program overwrite it’s on programme space or the memory chuck reserved, the program where not crashing but if the program eater set pointer values out side the programs space / memory reserved or the overwrite some runtime code or imported data then the effects where core dumps.

So just thinking about the often small mistakes that crashed every thing one letter to much or similar, numbers just +1 to big, the effort that need to put in debugging the OS most be very large, in themes of cleaning up the program code and the ways a function can be misused and continue to work to some degree.

It’s an extremely good thing that you don’t need to test every thing at once, image finding out really what part of the OS that crashed when every thing is untested.

So you should probably not blame “Martin Elsner” for the mistake, when every thing is fluid as every one works an different parts at one and don’t know how they will work to getter before some thing again is changed.
DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released! : Comment 11 of 11ANN.lu
Posted by Rudolph Riedel on 29-Apr-2003 14:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (Kjetil):
'you should probably not blame "Martin Elsner" for'

You misunderstood, I didn't blame him for anything, he is the author
of ClassAction, annother file-manager for Amiga.
That much for the competition. :-)

Regards - Rudolph
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