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[Web] AmigaZ.org RelaunchesANN.lu
Posted on 14-May-2003 03:23 GMT by MobbyG (Edited on 2003-05-14 13:06:52 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)3 comments
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AmigaZ.org, has recently undergone a change. We have re created the site and are now active with a nicer look and easy navagation. We're also looking for people to submit amiga news items, reviews, software.
AmigaZ.org Relaunches : Comment 1 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by AmigaSource.com on 14-May-2003 16:58 GMT
Let me be the first to say "I like it!!!!" Personally I wish my site looked as nice as yours!

Keep up the good work!
Scott P
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Posted by Chris Perver on 15-May-2003 10:50 GMT
I tried to go into the site but it comes up Site under construction
(1:50pm 15/05/03 GMT)
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Posted by MobbyG on 16-May-2003 02:30 GMT
Our DNS provider killed our DNS record for some reason, and gave us no notice. So I swicthed to a new one today and as of 10pm last night (15/05/03) the site was back up and running. Sorry for the hassle folks.. a very large man in a leather suit will be paying my previous DNS provider's office a visit in the morning. :)
Anonymous, there are 3 items in your selection
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