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Posted on 14-Jun-2003 06:32 GMT by Citadel57 comments
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It appears Amiga Inc never owned some of the hardware they were possessing. from http://www.murphyauctions.net/amiga.html

Amiga Inc is being sold by order of the property management. Some of the equipment listed has been claimed by vendors as of Wednesday, June 11, 2003. The equipment was only on the premises as a "loaner" to Amiga for development reasons. The following items have been removed from the sale:

EPSON 740i printer
NOKIA MEDIA terminal
MY FRIEND pocket pc
AQUAPAD mobile internet device
VADEM CLIO pocket pc

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Amiga Inc auction update : Comment 51 of 57ANN.lu
Posted by Tryo on 17-Jun-2003 11:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 36 (Gary Peake):
> I see post after post by you, stretching the truth and adlibbing ad naseum.
> You mention us "other poor employees who are left" but do you realize how
> badly you are hurting us with the outright lies, innuendo, and twisted
> truths?

Streched truth, when I hear this, I always think on AInc first.

> In post after post, you take a partial truth, bend it, twist it, and even
> add lies on top of it (like this story concerning your role in trying to
> get Amithlon on IMac or to get Amithlon at all - all lies, no such
> discussion even took place from or with you or in your presence or at all
> to my knowledge) and you have embellished the heck out of everything you
> have posted over the last couple of months.

You said it yourself, the point is "to your knowledge".

> Take, for example, your story of how you missed Christmas because you
> didn't get paid. Yes, the check on the 15th of December that year was
> late, but we did get it on that January 3rd. And you also forgot to
> mention all the extra bonuses you got during your employment. You forgot
> to mention that expensive mountain racing bike you bought and all the other
> toys and gadgets you bought with the extra money you got from Amiga. You
> forgot to mention how often you "stayed home to work from home and baby
> sit". How many jobs let you do that 2-3 times a week, week after week
> after week with little work product being turned in when you worked from
> home?

Sounds like he must be glad he even got partially paid by you. I am sure there were enough people who would have worked for free. Just for the honour.
Gary, in case you missed it, it is quite usual in todays businessworld that employees get paid. And guess what? These employees can do whatever they like with their money. Yes! They can even buy bicycles.

> The most prominent position you ever took at Amiga (when you were at work
> and not home baby sitting the new baby or home sick - yes we all remember
> your phone call about being sick which came from the bike shop, how
> convenient huh?) was your constant rhetoric against and making fun of Bill
> Buck and MorphOS on an almost constant and daily basis, right up to your
> very last day at work. I hope that this is not a secret you have kept from
> them?

The last part sounds like you are talking about Ben Hermans. Honest :)

> Sorry if this "spills the beans" on you. Maybe someone should do some "due
> dilligence" on Bolton as well? They may be surprised what they learn about
> "the real truth" and what you actually said about Bill Buck, Genesi, and
> MorphOS (and many others here who you now cowtow to) during your tenure at
> Amiga? Since you were mainly tasked, at various times, with AmigaOS
> projects, you had LOTS to say about those people didn't you? Have you told
> them your true opinion of them as stated back then?

Well, people change their opinion and companies stop paying wages. Life sucks, you know.

> If anyone has any questions or wishes to debate me, sorry, not here for
> that. Just wanted folks to know that Bolton is not being exactly truthful
> in his posts. While there has been "some" elements of truth in "some" of
> what he has posted, most has been embellishment, innuendo, or outright lies
> on top of a twisted rendition of a truth and he has severely broken his NDA
> which is still in effect. How trustworthy does that make him to another
> employer?

We all know what company AInc is. And if you don't want to discuss this here -> STFU.

> Written as a "fellow employee" who worked right next to Bolton, when he was
> at work.

How long did your hospitaltrip take?

> Gary Peake
Amiga Inc auction update : Comment 52 of 57ANN.lu
Posted by Colin Camper on 17-Jun-2003 11:12 GMT
It's funny how those people who consider A1 & OS4 as vapourware and Amiga inc as an irrelevance spend so much time and effort attacking A inc and it's employees.
Thou dost protest too much!
Amiga Inc auction update : Comment 53 of 57ANN.lu
Posted by samface on 17-Jun-2003 12:18 GMT
In reply to Comment 49 (Tronman):
>This whole diatribe smacks of a last ditch, desperate effort on the eve of
>Amiga's equipment being auctioned off, to discredit one of Amiga's critics in
>any way you can.

Basicly the same could be said about you, y'know. Besides, YOU are the one who brought this into the public, not Gary or anyone currently employed by Amiga Inc., remember? Tell me, what exactly is your agenda by bringing this into the public if not for the sake of discrediting Amiga Inc.?
Amiga Inc auction update : Comment 54 of 57ANN.lu
Posted by Tryo on 17-Jun-2003 12:30 GMT
In reply to Comment 53 (samface):
Ah, our wannabe lawyer and hardware expert again. I remember you trying to discredit everything in reach which was only slightly relevant to Genesi. Remember "parasitic marketing" and software licensing issues?

Doublestandards as usual.
Amiga Inc auction update : Comment 55 of 57ANN.lu
Posted by samface on 18-Jun-2003 05:29 GMT
In reply to Comment 54 (Tryo):
I really don't see the double standards in what you mentioned above and what I said in my previous post. The questions regarding MorphOS legal status was there way before I asked them and alot of these issues still as of today remains unanswered. Bolton, on the other hand, brings an issue that already has been settled in court into the public for the sole purpose of discrediting Amiga Inc.

It's still as of today, perfectly natural to question MorphOS legal status since it's a fact that they have made use of Amiga Inc.'s trademarks and even names of their staff members and contract workers while marketing their reverse engineered OS. It is also a proven fact that they have made use of Amiga Inc.'s IP while developing it. However, I could never be the judge of wether MorphOS is legal or not, all I'm saying is that it's perfectly natural to question their legal status and will remain as such as long as the issue still hasn't been settled in a court of law.

Bolton Peck has had his case settled, that makes it perfectly natural to question why he brings the issue into public. See the difference?
Amiga Inc auction update : Comment 56 of 57ANN.lu
Posted by Janne on 19-Jun-2003 07:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 55 (samface):
>Bolton Peck has had his case settled, that makes it perfectly natural to question why he brings the issue into public. See the difference?

Eh... the case is hardly settled for good if he has not been paid yet. As far as I know, he has not.

Public pressure and all. We can ask him to shut up when he gets paid. Doesn't really automatically make all wrongs right, but it is a first step in putting all this behind.
Amiga Inc auction update : Comment 57 of 57ANN.lu
Posted by samface on 19-Jun-2003 12:32 GMT
In reply to Comment 56 (Janne):
There are legal proceedings for these kind of things and they exist for a reason. Bringing the issue into public is pretty much like raising a wich hunt which has been proven throughout history to be a *very* unjust way to practise justice. Bolton should respect the legal proceedings as decided by the court, neglecting them and taking things into his own hands by raising a wich hunt against Amiga Inc. is only making things worse for himself.

What amazes me is the complete and utter ignorance from some people which has obviously learned *nothing* from their history lessons. They should all be burned like wiches at the stake, IMO.
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