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Posted on 14-Jul-2003 08:49 GMT by Sylvio K.7 comments
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The Anime Development for Amiga Team now uploadet a Video of the "Dark-Engine" of Soms3d. The Anime Development for Amiga Team now uploadet a Video of the "Dark-Engine" of Soms. It is available at: http://home.arcor.de/f_menzel/Soms.mpg Also there exists now a Maillist where everryone can join, ask Questions and get the hottest news about Soms. You can Join at http://soms.amigaworld.de.
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Posted by Peter Gordon on 14-Jul-2003 07:34 GMT
It was too dark to see anything for most of the mpeg on my screen :(

The end bit was nice, though. What hardware was it running on?
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Posted by Richi on 14-Jul-2003 08:28 GMT
to be honest the video isn't so impressive, too dark, the atmosphere sounds like Alien Breed and also the textures (this is a good point).
In fact i expecyed a little bit more... maybe 3d acceleration.
Good luck
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Posted by Leki on 14-Jul-2003 15:31 GMT
nice....hope it gets finsihed and doesn`t end up like so many other amiga games that never have been.
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Posted by Targhan on 15-Jul-2003 00:16 GMT
Wow! I thought development of SOMS had stopped! Keep on trucking guys! Can't wait to see the finished product!


MorphOS is REAL
Pegasos is REAL

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Posted by Jon on 15-Jul-2003 05:01 GMT
Nice...keep on working :)
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Posted by Sylvio K on 16-Jul-2003 14:44 GMT
Well, yes ist really verry dark. Our Progger surpised me with this Video but better than nothing. Oh and the scene is really a testscene. It has nothing todo with soms because soms looks better:). Also soms works only with 3d accel.cards and a PPC.
Soms News : Comment 7 of 7ANN.lu
Posted by Richi on 16-Jul-2003 19:04 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Sylvio K):
Good to know!
I'm eagerly waiting for the next video with all effects activated!
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