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[Files] New version of DiskMaster2ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Aug-2003 17:27 GMT by Rudolph Riedel1 comments
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DiskMaster 2.5.24 is available for download from my homepage. You can find the new version here.

( http://dm2.privat.t-online.de/archive.html )

Please also note the humble request for donations I allowed myself to place here.

( http://dm2.privat.t-online.de/future.html )

The DM2.guide has also been updated. Details about what has changed are in the file "DM2beta.readme" as usual.

Have a nice day - Rudolph

New version of DiskMaster2 : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by Rudolph Riedel on 03-Aug-2003 18:20 GMT
Little correction - 2.5.25 is now available.
Thanks to Francis Labrie for reporting a very silly Enforcer-Hit!
Sorry to all who downloaded 2.5.24 already - there is also a patch
archive for both the SAS-C and the GCC version available now.
Regards - Rudolph
Anonymous, there are 1 items in your selection
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