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[Files] EvenMore Textviewer/plugin updateANN.lu
Posted on 05-Aug-2003 19:25 GMT by Chris Perver3 comments
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The EvenMore exe and AmigaGuide plugin (HTML plugin to follow) has been updated to allow you to follow internal links in the file. Download now from www.evenmore.co.uk I have just updated the EvenMore executable and Guide2Text plugin (HTML2Text plugin will follow later). EvenMore now has a few new Escape codes, to allow links to work in the documents. Currently this will only work for internal links (ie, will not link to another file yet).

These codes are ESC*NODE, ESC*LINK, ESC*CEND (format of these may change). Single clicking on a link (underscored and in blue) without moving the mouse will cause EvenMore to search for the node belonging to that link. Clicking and dragging will highlight text as usual.

Download now from www.evenmore.co.uk
EvenMore Textviewer/plugin update : Comment 1 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by Michael Domoney on 06-Aug-2003 15:34 GMT
Hi Chris,

Many thanks again for the update, nice program :)

Regards Michael

aka rockape
EvenMore Textviewer/plugin update : Comment 2 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by T_Bone on 06-Aug-2003 18:27 GMT
Cool program
EvenMore Textviewer/plugin update : Comment 3 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by Chris Perver on 06-Aug-2003 18:53 GMT
Thanks guys
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