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[Files] ScummVM 0.5.0 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 06-Aug-2003 09:58 GMT by Rik Sweeney9 comments
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ScummVM (a program that allows you to play Lucas Arts adventure games amongst others) has been released.

Get it from here

You can also get a FULL FREE download of Beneath a Steel Sky from the main site here

ScummVM 0.5.0 released : Comment 1 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by Rik Sweeney on 06-Aug-2003 07:59 GMT
Note to moderators: two releases in one day, this isn't a duplicate post.
ScummVM 0.5.0 released : Comment 2 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by mahen on 06-Aug-2003 08:57 GMT
Get the MorphOS version on the official site, www.scummvm.org
ScummVM 0.5.0 released : Comment 3 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by mark on 06-Aug-2003 09:34 GMT
anyone tried monkey island 3? does it work with all the movies and stuff?
ScummVM 0.5.0 released : Comment 4 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 06-Aug-2003 12:44 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (mark):
it says in compability list that "crash, no amiga support yet"

ScummVM 0.5.0 released : Comment 5 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 06-Aug-2003 12:59 GMT
Are there differences between the PC version of Beneath A Steal Sky and the amiga version?

ScummVM 0.5.0 released : Comment 6 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by Rafo on 06-Aug-2003 13:13 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Amon_Re):
You mean besides a little more colors on screen ?
ScummVM 0.5.0 released : Comment 7 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by Mad-Matt on 06-Aug-2003 17:28 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Amon_Re):
pc version has the comic style intro explaining how foster wastaken from the gap. I dont remember this in amiga cd32 version, but i havent checked so maybe there ;). Music is a little different.
ScummVM 0.5.0 released : Comment 8 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by Mad-Matt on 06-Aug-2003 17:29 GMT
I Know pc ScummVM Supports timidity. Anyone know if we weill get an amiga version that uses timidity ? maybe through Amidi.device for ppc versions ?
ScummVM 0.5.0 released : Comment 9 of 9ANN.lu
Posted by peter on 06-Aug-2003 17:31 GMT
monkey 3 works with all movies....slow but works!!!!!
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