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[Web] "Amiga Freunde Ries" page online!ANN.lu
Posted on 10-Oct-2003 15:30 GMT by Christian Krenner2 comments
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The former German Amiga club "Amiga Freunde Ries" has come back alive on its new web page at http://www.computerfreunde-ries.de. Although the club has been inactive for some years, this new site is a great forum for all Amigans to share their thoughts and get questions answered. However, as times have changed, this is not restricted to Amiga only content. The club is located in the Donau-Ries area in Bavaria, Germany. So all computer fans, local and elsewhere in the world, are invited to surf along and have a look at AFR's web pages and forums.
"Amiga Freunde Ries" page online! : Comment 1 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Martin "Mason" Merz on 10-Oct-2003 13:47 GMT
Wow, didn't even know that there is an Amiga Club in my hometown...
"Amiga Freunde Ries" page online! : Comment 2 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by greenboy on 10-Oct-2003 13:59 GMT

See http://www.ann.lu/comments2.cgi?show=1065782216&category=news&9 and comments #7 - and especially #9

We would be most happy to work together as these plans become reality!

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Anonymous, there are 2 items in your selection
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