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[Web] Genesi: "Gladiateur" website onlineANN.lu
Posted on 22-Oct-2003 08:22 GMT by Martin 'Senex' Heine24 comments
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The website for Genesi's planned computer game "Gladiateur" is online now at http://Gladiateur.PegasosPPC.com. Gladiateur - The game takes its inspiration from the spectacular stage production by Elie Chouraqui and Maxime Le Forestier, which debuts in Paris in 2004. The game allows you to take the role of Spartacus the Thracian, and lead the slaves in their revolt against the powers of Rome. Can you lead Spartacus and his army of slaves to success, or will the might of Rome crush their dreams of freedom?

Read more on the official Gladiateur website.
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 1 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by tokai on 22-Oct-2003 06:30 GMT
design looks not finished yet. at least not with ibrowse. :)
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 2 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by anonymous on 22-Oct-2003 06:53 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (tokai):
No, its the other way around - ibrowse is not finished yet ;)
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 3 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Emeric SH on 22-Oct-2003 08:14 GMT
It seems to be serious. Hm. I believed its just a passing thought. I admit, I was mistaken.
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 4 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Matt Parsons on 22-Oct-2003 08:23 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Emeric SH):
I'll make them a deal. If they releases an AROS x86 version I'll buy it.
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 5 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Ronald on 22-Oct-2003 08:45 GMT
Funny. I can't even connect to that web site. :(
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 6 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Hagge on 22-Oct-2003 08:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Ronald):
It was slow for me to but fast and worked like a charm now, just try to reload the page.
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 7 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 22-Oct-2003 09:03 GMT
--- AGP ---

Amiga goes Pegasos :)
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 8 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Dagon-HELLAS on 22-Oct-2003 09:17 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Anonymous):
Is there any chance to see this game also on AmigaOS 4.0? (nothing against MorphOS)
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 9 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 22-Oct-2003 09:18 GMT
In reply to Comment 8 (Dagon-HELLAS):
> Is there any chance to see this game also on AmigaOS 4.0?

AFAIK, yes!
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 10 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by cahva on 22-Oct-2003 09:40 GMT
Very nice looking site..atleast with Opera :)
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 11 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 22-Oct-2003 10:13 GMT
Now which comes first.. Duke Nuke'Em Forever or this? ;)
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 12 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by gz on 22-Oct-2003 14:33 GMT
The site looks nice but the start-up page looks hastily done and disconnected from the rest of the layout. Maybe it's unfinished, but if it's not, how about just lose the start-up page and proceed directly to the main menu?
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 13 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by bbrockie on 22-Oct-2003 15:34 GMT

So they got a name for a game they still need to figure out what's going to be, big deal..
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 14 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Ronald on 22-Oct-2003 17:00 GMT
Any screenshots?
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 15 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by ikir_the_spirit_of_dual_pijama on 22-Oct-2003 17:18 GMT
Nice webpages
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 16 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by hooligan/dcs on 22-Oct-2003 17:28 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (bbrockie):
Maybe it's like in those Windows progressbars.. many times from 0% to 100% at once :)
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 17 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 22-Oct-2003 18:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 16 (hooligan/dcs):
>Maybe it's like in those Windows progressbars.. many times from 0% to 100% at once :)

The worst progress bar is in Amiga's very own Filer.
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 18 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 22-Oct-2003 19:06 GMT
Looks intresting, keep us informed, but a question, you can take the role of Spartacus, didn't he die in Roman hands? (so, if you stick to history, wouldn't this mean you can't win? :P)

This might actually be a game i could enjoy, keep it up :)

Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 19 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by smp266 on 22-Oct-2003 20:06 GMT
He could easily have died on a number of occasions. I imagine the game gives you some leverage on where to go. Otherwise it will still be fun to play.
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 20 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Pompeius Magnus on 23-Oct-2003 07:49 GMT
In reply to Comment 18 (Amon_Re):
Spartacus probably died in the final battle agaist Roman troops lead by
Crassus. But he was never found by the Romans, neither among the captured
slaves nor among the dead bodies.

So chances are the individual player might survive, albeit without an army. :)
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 21 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 24-Oct-2003 04:28 GMT
comment from a friend ...

Hopefully the userinterface is far better than in Northland demo (it indicated to him that Northland was not worth buing).
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 22 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by fleecy moss on 24-Oct-2003 04:55 GMT
Hey there 8-)

as a big fan of the genre and having nothing to do with Amiga or its competitors, people might be interested in checking out


CA are cleverly using an interestin TV show to demonstrate their new game engine for Total War : Rome, in which amongst other things, you can re-enact some of the Spartacus Revolt battles. Although it does seem that the TV series puts the game on simple for the TV celebrity generals, the rendering engine and possibilities are impressive.


fleecy moss
amiga inc
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 23 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 24-Oct-2003 09:58 GMT
In reply to Comment 22 (fleecy moss):
It would be nice if our cooperation could extend beyond an online game!
Genesi: "Gladiateur" website online : Comment 24 of 24ANN.lu
Posted by Andrew Korn on 25-Oct-2003 08:07 GMT
In reply to Comment 22 (fleecy moss):
I'm very impressed by what I've seen of the TV show... R:TW is definately next on my list of games to buy, but there's always a problem with any game that attempts "true" simulation - inevitably there are programmed assumptions that can be disputed. This can be really obvious in a game like Sim City which wears its sociological assumptions on its sleeve, but I can't help wondering whether something that models such a complex system as a battlefield with 10k units on it isn't going to keep those assumptions too hidden. R:TW certainly gives a good illusion that you're managing a comprehensive simulation of a battle, but will it really model the effect of the noise of a chariot charge in restricting the ability of commanders to issue orders to their troops, for example?

Often, for gameplay's sake, this sort of thing works better when it's well abstracted. Too much realism can fool the player into playing by their own assumptions when they aren't the same as those of the designers. In a number-balancing simulation such as a football management game this isn't a problem because you're dealing with a set of variables limited enough for you to keep track of, but there are only 11 combatants on each side in football. ;-)

One of the most interesting things about the TV show is just how bad most of the competitors are. The other interesting thing is the tendency people have to assume Roman troops are nigh unbeatable. Of course this actually has some historical precident and that attitude did the Romans no end of good in many of the actual battles represented!
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