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Posted on 01-Nov-2003 18:05 GMT by Targhan181 comments
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For our Italian friends there is now Pegasos-Italia! http://www.pegasos-italia.com
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 101 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 12:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 100 (DaveP):
Same here, if someone tells me te get lost i tend to bite into the subject even more.

As for that fine team comment of mine, i don't know everyone in said team, but i was refurring to the core team, the "mussle" behind it, sort to speak, and not about their acts on fora and such, posts likeTarghan's are pure flamebait in my eyes, and should be treated as such.

Some people working at genesi tend to get on my nerves, but so do some people in the other camps.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 102 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 03-Nov-2003 12:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 100 (DaveP):
dave: amon_re is on your side btw
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 103 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 12:17 GMT
In reply to Comment 102 (Anonymous):
Dave knows on what side i am, and he agreed with me, but not with everything.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 104 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by DaveP on 03-Nov-2003 12:19 GMT
In reply to Comment 102 (Anonymous):
Side? What side? I am not altogether on anyones side because no one is entirely on my side. ;-)

Besides, how here did I have a go at Amon. I was merely adding colateral.
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 105 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 12:22 GMT
In reply to Comment 104 (DaveP):
I suppose he meant the "fine team" line in your previous post, how that constitutes an attack at me i don't know, i suppose it's a language thing.

Besides, you don't want to tango with me ;P

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 106 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by DaveP on 03-Nov-2003 12:39 GMT
In reply to Comment 105 (Amon_Re):
Ill foxtrot instead.
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 107 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 12:40 GMT
In reply to Comment 106 (DaveP):
Foxtrot? Geez, your age is showing ;P

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 108 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 12:53 GMT
Hi DaveP, while you two are trying to dance we will mention that we are a "team" which is better than a mob.

When we read most of this stuff we are laughing. It is a sounding board. Did you ever build a crystal radio as a kid? Do you remember how cool it was to hear the first station. Or, better, talk to someone on the other side of the world with a Ham Radio. We are looking for answers here. PegPong is a blatant attempt at direct feedback. This thread was more of the same. You of all people have been very helpful in these exchanges. We appreciate it. Others not so helpful and if possible they are just ignored.

When these threads take on a life of their own we wade in and start to fish. Look what we caught here:

1. We exposed a couple of trolls.
2. We documented a means to test the Articia -- old and new.
3. We still have some spirited resistance -- eventhough we have pledged support for OS4!

What is even more crazy is that Ben Hermans would actually answered the post?! Expose our ignorance? Whoops! The test description should actually help them!

Anyway, from a human perspective we are still just discussing things on an obscure site that generates little interest from the outside world or even from the IT world. We are all castaways. What makes it interesting is that to be successful Genesi needs to find people with talents that can be meshed together as a team to accomplish a corporate objective (which to placate Bill remains undefined as far as this thread goes). The lowest common denominator for those interested people *today* is knowledge of the Amiga platform -- what it was and what it is. It is not like you can hire someone who has only used and knows about Microsoft products to work here. We have to pick through the resources and opportunity. We are trying to create a business where one does not exist -- (read that again please).

Anyway, good site Michele and thanks for playing!

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 109 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by DaveP on 03-Nov-2003 12:53 GMT
In reply to Comment 107 (Amon_Re):
Charlston... doh!
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 110 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by DaveP on 03-Nov-2003 13:03 GMT
In reply to Comment 108 (bbrv):

Of course, Im here arent I? Im investing in the platform arent I? Maybe not the
part of the platform you'd prefer me to invest in but I /am/ an early adopter.

However, as far as Bill H is concerned, he has a point, you use a lot of marketing
mumbo jumbo and tell us there is some uber special concept that we all need to "get"
but when it comes down to it and those that don't "get" it ask you direct questions
you got insulting. Unless you can make the leap from a market that proactively seeks you
out to one that has to be sought successfully then you won't make the transition
from startup to successful consumer product.


I know you are not like this in private correspondance, so why do it in public
what on earth are you trying to gain?

I don't get /that/.

Sure there are trolls on this thread, they look like the same ones as are on
every other thread to me which is why I don't bother responding to them.

Someone said ( and it might even have been Bill H ) that in order to be chosen, you have
to be twice as good as what someone already has. Part of that is how one conducts
oneself on public forums. You need to be twice as good as the opposition, twice
as polite, twice as frank and twice as tolerant.

With a community that is this up close and personal, you can't afford not to be.

OR you have to have a product that is so blindingly attractive and a marketing proposition
that is so appealing in its clarity that you get sought out by consumers.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 111 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 13:08 GMT
In reply to Comment 108 (bbrv):
You know, a thread without trolls on ANN.LU is like an utopia, something everyone wants, but nobody will ever achieve it.

But i must say that, from the tone of your posts, it would seem you aren't always laughing when reading some of the posts, and i can understand why, i wouldn't like to be under constant attack like you & your company, but then again, you tend to provoke alot aswell.

As for playing "PegPong" (cheezy name btw), sorry, but i fail to see the constructive value of that, to me it looks like an attempt to influence people by making them feel involved, but in the end, it often revolves about the same people cheerleading anything you say.

That blind cheerleading of some people is also a nuisence to many people here, and i could easilly name some people, but i'll refrain.

Having a dialogue with your customers is good, and i wish more companies would realise that, but PegPong it ain't.

Leave out the silly antics, drop the act, and say things as they are, and i would expect you to get less attacks then you do now with your one-liners.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 112 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Neko on 03-Nov-2003 13:22 GMT
In reply to Comment 92 (DaveP):

Genesi pays cold hard cash, monthly, and does my taxes.

We do not stoop so low to pay our employees in "excitement" or "coupons" :)

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 113 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Neko on 03-Nov-2003 13:26 GMT
In reply to Comment 99 (Amon_Re):

Can't bbrv be a little pissed off at people shit-talking his company all the
time, when they freely admit that it's none of their business and also that
they are beyond the realm of actually giving a damn?

If you give a damn about where Genesi are going, you'll step in with an offer
to fix it. This applies to ANYONE doing ANYTHING in the "Amiga" or "ex-Amiga"
Community. If software is broken, work with the authors to fix it. If dealers
are slow, work with them to resolve the situation.

Don't be a bunch of sensationalist nay-sayers on a forum, continually whining
and whittling about something you keep saying you don't give a toss about.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 114 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 13:31 GMT
In reply to Comment 110 (DaveP):
OK, Dave fair enough and turning more serious because you are making us...;-)

Here is an example of something we posted recently:

BBRV: "Call to arms" - Turning attention outside this community : Comment 103 of 103

Posted by bbrv (Trusted user ) on 27-Oct-2003 13:30:44

You guys are still missing the point...

Read this:


Think CHANGE, because it will happen with or without you. When the world begins looking for the Microsoft work-arounds things start to happen (and are!).

Also, do not miss this:


The aggressive tactics of the music industry have only served to accelerate the pace of innovation, the goal of which seeks to avoid the barriers to what the market clearly wants -- declines in sharing (thievery, stealing, trespassing, etc. -- sound like a neighborhood?) on Kazaa not withstanding. Surely, there is much more to come. And, after that: music, movies, etc.

This is all running in a good way to a Pegasos TiVo like device that is *much* more than a PVR.

You see in the end the there will be something better making all this work. Maybe like this:


The thin client server model and all the intelligence on the network can work for everything in the PlanetLab model. In this way we just carry around a smart card or some RFID keychain and do what we need to do where we are and...poof! Think public phones plus...

But, we still think there has to be something -- like a GameBoy, a cell phone, a television that fuses the various experiences into a personal package to be what you want, when and where you want it. If we can keep things moving, and IF we can attract NEW developers AND engender a positive, diligent and resourceful spirit we will make it to this end state.

Creativity and Reactivity are written using the same letters...;-)


The following week we announced this:



And, we have posted this on numerous occassions:

New Computer to New Consumer Product

As Apple Computer Inc., Genesi owns hardware, an operating system and a wide variety of applications. The Pegasos is contrasted to a PowerMac, and MorphOS to MacOS. MorphOS comes bundled with a number of applications including an office package, web browser, email client and movie and music players. Video games have also been developed for MorphOS. Most importantly, the number of applications and games running on the Pegasos runs into the thousands because the Pegasos also works with applications from the Linux, MacOS, AmigaOS, BeOS, and BSD operating system environments. The Pegasos is building block #1 to any competent computing environment and the necessary tool required by the developer support enlisted to customize the platform for consumer use. A Pegasos computer is a desktop machine. A Pegasos computer enclosed in a fan-less VCR-like size case becomes a consumer product. The Pegasos operates equally well with a television screen or a computer monitor. The Pegasos comes with its own file sharing and downloading programs -- music, movies, video games – a preference is selected, a source found, the entertainment begins. The technology is invisible to the entertainment experience. The consumer manages the experience through an easily understood user interface with a remote control or through a web browser and a keyboard for more sophisticated users.

...and this to:

Strategic Approach

The Pegasos has been initially targeted at the computer “geek” market. Computer software developers, embedded system technicians and suave computer users that enjoy developing unique computing solutions define this market. There are currently Pegasos computers being used in 34 countries. In the next marketing phase, the Company intends to leverage the worldwide interest in the Linux to further draw attention the Pegasos. Genesi has developed a bootable version of open-source Debian Linux, PegXLin, to be offered with the Pegasos. Based on UNIX, Linux is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular operating systems while achieving the backing of IBM, HP and Sun. Open-source Linux allows a “community-at-large” to develop and accelerate a platform’s performance and quality for the mass market. Linux is available for the Pegasos platform from a growing number of distributions, giving the Pegasos owner several choices from which to choose. In the meanwhile, MorphOS is present and exposed to users through the notoriety of Linux.

Simultaneously, there are a number of other very strong trends in the IT market that will positively contribute to a successful broader market introduction of the Pegasos including: 1) a move away from Microsoft based products, particularly in Europe, where a number of governments have mandated that Linux or another fully featured possibility replace Windows for official computer use, 2) market saturation, where the reasons to upgrade are beginning to sound increasingly empty - why upgrade if you cannot notice the difference, and 3) the growing emphasis on mobility which remains dominated by power consumption and efficiency (i.e., heat) issues as they relate to cost and use.

Business Strategy

Genesi’s business plan is based on continuing to seed the “geek” market with a flexible, forward compatible and scalable technology, while progressively targeting the markets that are driving the penetration of the PowerPC into the broader consumer market. For example, the worldwide state-of-the-art in the satellite television technology is a set-top box based on the PowerPC. The Nintendo GameCube and the TiVo are both consumer products based on a PowerPC. These are consumer electronic products AND computers that are restricted to specific functions to reduce cost. It is Genesi’s position that when these market forces are coupled with the upheaval triggered by Linux in the computer industry, the PowerPC is poised to become a commodity component at a much lower cost that will soon challenge the dominance of Intel-based processors because they are more efficient and powerful cycle for cycle. The Pegasos and MorphOS are well positioned to take advantage of the sweeping changes anticipated.

Recently, a large European media company commissioned Genesi to develop a low cost PowerPC based digital terrestrial television set-top box based on the Pegasos platform and MorphOS. In turn, Genesi developed a new kind of device that achieves both consumer electronic television related requirements and computer industry performance standards. The device manages digital television viewing with expanded interactive features using instructions embedded in the digital television signal that can modify the information stored in the memory of the device. With the addition of a broadband Internet connection, the device combines all the features of a computer and the Internet with all the possibilities created by the huge amount of data that can be transmitted by the digital television signal, whether terrestrially or by satellite. At €299/unit the device is a fully functional computer that can be used to find and play music, movies or video games (irrelevant of the source). With a web cam the Pegasos could function as a videophone; with WIFI it can feed multiple devices in the home.

As the core technology of the Pegasos/MorphOS is more efficient and powerful the total system cost requirements for components, memory, and power can be reduced. More can be done with less and for less. Genesi owns MorphOS and develops and modifies it internally. There are no royalties to be paid to third parties, further reducing the cost of use when compared to other available systems. The Pegasos can be reduced to a handheld device, which corresponds to the evolution IBM has fashioned for the PPC. MorphOS is ideally suited for this environment and would carry all features discussed forward to the mobile environment. The Pegasos handheld could offer much more than an iPod. What works on the desktop works anywhere. Suddenly, a mobile video telephone would also be possible. The hardware is the same, just smaller. The operating system requirements are the same. As Apple sells the hardware of the iPod (music is incidental), Genesi moves one step further and facilitates convenience, allowing something already being done by users to be done more easily, anywhere. Genesi’s technology can become an enabler to the powerful forces of communication and entertainment, ushering in a whole new generation of digital distribution.

======enough already!=======

A word about confrontation on these threads....heat in chemistry is known as a catalyst. It works with people too. We want to see the reactions. We want to see who we are dealing with -- a petulant child, a wise old man, or an intelligent person who just does not understand the message because of the messenger. And, again, thanks for playing! :-D

Anyway, have to get to work. It is 0630 in beautiful San Diego today!

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 115 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 13:34 GMT
In reply to Comment 114 (bbrv):
P.S. Thanks Neko for the positive encouragement! Honestly, who would have thought two years ago that we would become so mutually supportive! It all started here on threads like this...:-)
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 116 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 13:36 GMT
And, one more thing:


Right up there with the big boys!


Pegasos-Italia : Comment 117 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 13:40 GMT
...and on the America front:

Some major developments are happening which are fundamentally shifting the way the PC business works. Here is one significant example.

Seagate is the world's largest hard disk company - they sell more desktop units then anyone. They are now pre-installing LindowsOS on their Barracuda line drives. (See: http://www.lindows.com/seagate) Now any computer builder can order a drive ready to go with desktop Linux, just plug it into the chassis and they're running Linux. No software installation process. No need to pay MS $100/computer or agree to their lopsided licensing terms which give them the right to audit your books and penalize you. Best of all, computer manufacturers can buy these drives for exactly the same price as a blank drive. There's no cost for them to try and deploy desktop Linux. We call this strategy "fluoride in the water" because just through this one partnership we are able to reach computer manufacturers big and small and provide them LindowsOS. http://www.lindows.com/lindows_michaelsminutes_archives.php?id=82

Each day more companies get a vested interest in seeing desktop Linux succeed. It is happening. People will look back in a few years with the attitidue "well of *course* desktop Linux was going to grab a significant marketshare. Who didn't think that?" Server is at 30% marketshare, the desktop will get there. There's tens of billions to be saved seeing that it does and that's a strong motivation for consumers and businesses.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 118 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 13:53 GMT
In reply to Comment 117 (bbrv):
...and just cannot forget this!

The Pegasos, MorphOS, PegXLin and OpenBSD for PegasosPPC are each listed in the IBM Global Solutions Directory and have been validated to carry the “Ready for IBM Technology” logo. These endorsements awarded separately during October 2003 make Genesi an IBM Business Partner and have enabled Genesi to leverage the IBM validation and sponsorship into new opportunity, including the potential to have IBM selling Genesi’s products directly. As this is a recent development the management of Genesi is still exploring the many and varied possibilities.
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 119 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 14:37 GMT
Cannot resist...

This from an interview with Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux ;-) ), It's a very interesting comment about the PPC 970:


Q: I'm just wondering if you've formed an impression about the Opteron, and can make comparisons?

Linus: In the 64-bit space, everybody else is completely irrelevant except for Opteron and Power. Nothing else matters. That's just the way it is.

I actually find Power to be very interesting now that they've made the 970. And you can actually buy them in reasonable machines. And you can buy a Macintosh G5 and get a real 64-bit CPU. And I think that may actually be enough, too. There is enough of a user base for normal people that I suspect a lot of Linux developers would love to have one of those. And are ready to switch away from X86 entirely. While I don't see that happening on IA64. Because there is not any nice boxes you'd switch away to, if you were to switch away from X86.



Pegasos-Italia : Comment 120 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by DaveP on 03-Nov-2003 14:38 GMT
In reply to Comment 119 (bbrv):
So when will you be able to support 970, or one of the POWER series?
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 121 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 14:52 GMT
In reply to Comment 120 (DaveP):
As soon as we get the new chips from IBM we can start working on it. It should be this month or early next month. We always said this would be *the* "primetime" release...:-)

We still have lots to do!

We have a project for you, if you are interested.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 122 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by greenboy on 03-Nov-2003 14:59 GMT
In reply to Comment 117 (bbrv):
As I said in Comment 32: Yay Lindows!
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 123 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 03-Nov-2003 16:19 GMT
In reply to Comment 111 (Amon_Re):
"You know, a thread without trolls on ANN.LU is like an utopia, something everyone wants, but nobody will ever achieve it."

It would be boring too, like a salad without caterpillars.
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 124 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 03-Nov-2003 16:24 GMT
In reply to Comment 121 (bbrv):
"As soon as we get the new chips from IBM we can start working on it. It should be this month or early next month. We always said this would be *the* "primetime" release...:-)"

While you may be able to sell G3s for STB use and similar, the 970 is surely the minimum that is saleable for a desktop computer in 2004. And then the price has to be reasonable.
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 125 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Nate Downes on 03-Nov-2003 16:51 GMT
In reply to Comment 124 (Don Cox):
Actually Don, the top selling chips of the past 5 years have not been the top-performers, but were 2-3 generations behind. The G4 and even the G3 compares nicely to these older/lower-end chips.
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 126 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 17:21 GMT
In reply to Comment 124 (Don Cox):
Yummm, caterpillars taste good -- actually they don't we would rather not have to eat them. Who knows they might grow up to be butterflies...:-D

Don, as a matter of fact the G3 CPUs are less that high the cost as they were a year ago. Obviously, this has immediate benefit. We are on a convergence course here. About the same time the world figures out that Linux is not the answer we hope to be there. Plus, in the END GAME the key is *not* being a Cool Computer, it is just about being COOL. Witness the iPod. Again, we ask the question: is Apple selling hardware or music.

One more tidbit...about the whole Palladium Developer Conference hosted by Microsoft last week. Don, did you see the OSNews answer to you?


For us this is where the "grid" is going. It is great for the masses, but for people that read these threads? No. Palladium is Microsoft's SDMI. It will go the same course as SDMI. Remember that failed music industry initiative? MP3 killed it. Getting information to consumers killed it. Palladium is MS's strategy to lock in people to their products now that their previous locks have diminished (applications, file formats). Big companies try to build artificial barriers so they don't have to compete in the marketplace. If they can do that successfully, then they can garner profit rates greater then the global average of about 7%. MS has done a good job of this in the past (which is why they have net profits of 35%+), but now those barriers are being smashed down. They need new ones to keep people locked into their world. Palladium is their new barrier. They'll be able to create apps (or better yet get others to create them) which will force people to adopt their OS. You won't be able to run any software without MS approving. They will abuse these powers to block competitors.

To counter the MS bullying of the industry into a anti-consumer direction with projects such as Palladium the information has to get out and you have to give people alternatives. Mindshare is the key.. Linux has it and will get more. We will try to slip into the flow. Things are moving faster and faster...

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 127 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 03-Nov-2003 17:28 GMT
In reply to Comment 126 (bbrv):
"Again, we ask the question: is Apple selling hardware or music."

Mainly selling lifestyle at the moment, I think.
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 128 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Neko on 03-Nov-2003 17:45 GMT
In reply to Comment 126 (bbrv):
Actually certain caterpillars taste quite nice battered and fried.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 129 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-Nov-2003 17:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 127 (Don Cox):
Exactly! That is the whole *COOL* thing. ;-)
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 130 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 18:03 GMT
In reply to Comment 113 (Neko):
Bill Hoggett's view is that of an outsider, and he does raise intresting points, wouldn't you agree with that?

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 131 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 18:05 GMT
In reply to Comment 119 (bbrv):
Hey! Ease down on the caffeine intake! ;)

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 132 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 18:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 123 (Don Cox):
Euh... Ok.... i think i won't be coming over to eat ;)

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 133 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 18:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 128 (Neko):

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 134 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 03-Nov-2003 19:40 GMT
In reply to Comment 108 (bbrv):
>1. We exposed a couple of trolls.

LOL, just about time you came out of the closet
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 135 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 03-Nov-2003 20:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 134 (Anonymous):
Exactly what I was thinking.
But it's rather an act of despiration. He doesn't know who he's talking to, so he can't manipulate or bribe, or offer him/her a job. THat's what scares him. It's a thread to his tactics, to his "concept". But in the end. He's left empty handed and a lot of money less anyway.

Long live the amiga!
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 136 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 03-Nov-2003 21:11 GMT
In reply to Comment 122 (greenboy):
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 137 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by James Carroll on 03-Nov-2003 21:15 GMT
In reply to Comment 64 (Ben Hermans/Hyperion):
@Ben Hermans

>This "so called "problem is the direct result of the Articia S's ability to >handle memory access by the CPU and PCI bus.
>This behavior reduces latency but is unknown in the Wintel world which is why >the Linux drivers don't cater for it.
>MAI has been reworking the Linux drivers to cope with this and Hyperion has >been aware of this feature for quite some time and has taken it into account >when doing DMA capable drivers for the AmigaOne hardware.

Ben, I dont know much about this DMA bug situation (regarding the fixes, etc), because my A1 only just arrived yesterday. Does the current most up to date linux kernal for A1 fix or at least go a long way towards fixing the problems mentioned here?
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 138 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Bill Hoggett on 03-Nov-2003 21:18 GMT
In reply to Comment 135 (Anonymous):
What exactly are you implying?
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 139 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 22:27 GMT
In reply to Comment 138 (Bill Hoggett):
He's implying that BBRV would attempt bribery to get people on his side.
I doubt that tho, because it's a tactic that would backfire.

What he has attempted in the past is to try & persuade people that he's not the bad guy (news flash, he ain't evil, or bad) by emailing them, or asking them to email him, that's not a bad thing, but in my opinion an effort in futility.

From my own personal experiance with him (through email) i can say here right now that he's never tried to shut me up in any way, except through dialogue, and the furthest he's ever tried going with me was to question me & my background in a public forum, to wich i replied in said forum (right here on ANN.LU)

This isn't me defending him, he's old enough to do that himself, but i'm not to stuborn to say these things. If he would ever try & bribe me it'd be on the 'net already :)

I disaprove of his methods & his tactics, yes, and i would never do bussiness with him, but i'm open to dialogue any day.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 140 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 03-Nov-2003 22:28 GMT
In reply to Comment 137 (James Carroll):
Once you get your A1, join the support mailings available for it, there you'll get up to date info.

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 141 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Eva on 03-Nov-2003 22:51 GMT
In reply to Comment 64 (Ben Hermans/Hyperion):
Oooo at last Ben show again his face!
Goos Aos4 lovers see who now take ahead the "Amiga Os spirit".
Jay Miner would be minimum disgusted by Ben IGNORANCE.
How can you at Hyperion continue to develop on an OS when you are uncapable to understand or accept some true that also low skilled people can understand???
Mai chip is an mediocre and buggy chip as Mai itself declared!

But this is really depressing.
A company that continue to declare itself "the path for the future" (from November 2001, Ben) ... and can't understand on what it is working.
I hope that this nightmare will end soon with the failure of AmigaInc and the request of Amigainc investors to stop Hyperion work as soon as possible (or better before these people like Ben Herman colud make money with the name Amiga).
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 142 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Bill Hoggett on 03-Nov-2003 22:51 GMT
In reply to Comment 139 (Amon_Re):

Actually, he's implying that it takes someone posting anonymously to be immune from any suspected bribery, which is what caught my eye.

So I post under my name. So Bill Buck and everyone else knows where they can contact me. So Bill Buck made a "generous and sarcastic" offer. So what?

It doesn't mean I've accepted, nor does it mean that had I accepted any offer I would agree to keep my mouth shut.

As it happens, the thread has given me a better idea of Genesi's thinking. I don't think much of it, and I still regard the "one-liners" as hollow soundbytes, but I do believe I understand what they are aiming at now.

Mind you, I've made a point of never trusting anyone who uses the phrase "leveraging opportunities". ;-P
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 143 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Eva on 03-Nov-2003 22:55 GMT
In reply to Comment 71 (Anonymous):
Hi mister Itix. You pretended to be an amigaONE owner. And AmigaONE != Pegasos without April.
The AmigaONE uses the latest bugfixed Articia revision while the Pegasos uses the bugged one.

My god ... another dreamer.
Go on Mai site and post here a link where they said "we did a new version of the Articia S"
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 144 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Eva on 03-Nov-2003 22:57 GMT
In reply to Comment 72 (Anonymous):
Please read Ben's post again...but this time try to understand what he's saying

We understand liar.
You can't.
Please accept the reality that Mai chip is a mediocre and bugged chip. They said that in a wellknow tecnical briefing that was too clomplex for you and Ben.
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 145 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Eva on 03-Nov-2003 23:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 93 (Anonymouse cowretard):
Posted by Anonymouse cowretard ( on 03-Nov-2003 10:57:18
[Back on track]
Hmmmm... this site is obviously in first position to win the LAMEST-SITE-IN-THE-WORLD award[tm]...
This dumb fscker just took the pages on pegasosppc.com as his silly browser displayed it (originally they were even written in php!), translated them and put a sh*tty .htm extension at the end!!
L-A-M-E-R !! There are no other words to define this stoopid cunt0r!!
Mr Decanini, MrKemp where are you?
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 146 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Eva on 03-Nov-2003 23:08 GMT
In reply to Comment 99 (Amon_Re):
Posted by Amon_Re (Trusted user) on 03-Nov-2003 12:28:36
In Reply to Comment 83:
BBRV, you've been quite jumpy lately here on ANN, quite frankly, it seems asif you want to bully some peple out of the community, but you know, you can't predict how people will react to some of your posts.

Your reaction to Ben Herman's post eg, it sounded like a kid having a temper tandrum.

Well if we think that Ben Herman didn't answer again we can easly close the topic about the Articia BUGS (because someone in Hyperion itself told him "What idiots thinks you posted on Ann, Ben! They will judging us ignorance thanks to your post!")
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 147 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by IanS on 03-Nov-2003 23:11 GMT
In reply to Comment 146 (Eva):
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 148 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by itix on 03-Nov-2003 23:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 140 (Amon_Re):
A1 mailing list is available for non-A1 owners too. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/amigaone
Pegasos-Italia : Comment 149 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 04-Nov-2003 04:56 GMT
In reply to Comment 141 (Eva):

You really are scared of Hyperion eh? Strange really, but oh well...

I don't know where your hatred comes from, but it's so petty it almost makes me feel sorry for your environment

Pegasos-Italia : Comment 150 of 181ANN.lu
Posted by Amon_Re on 04-Nov-2003 04:56 GMT
In reply to Comment 142 (Bill Hoggett):
Hmm... I suppose so, didn't look at it from that angle

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