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[Files] Initial HomerSG ReleaseANN.lu
Posted on 09-Nov-2003 00:49 GMT by Daniel Allsopp10 comments
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I've ust updated my website with the first release of HomerSG, a interactive Homer J Simpson on your desktop, reacting to AREXX commands.

Completely useless but fun software!

Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 1 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Daniel Allsopp on 08-Nov-2003 23:52 GMT
Oops, forgot the link didn't I...D'oh. Get HomerSG at http://www.the-snakepit.co.uk
Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 2 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by yo on 09-Nov-2003 04:40 GMT
doesnt work in my system 1200 ppc bvision
say anything as no videos
Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 3 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by ToDi on 09-Nov-2003 13:39 GMT
Works great in MorphOS! :D
Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 4 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Ted, The Generic Guy on 09-Nov-2003 14:20 GMT
Very nice work indeed. Already looking forward to next version. :)
Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 5 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Mark Cheetham on 09-Nov-2003 15:16 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (yo):
Same here, it says 'no anims'. Snoopdos says it finds them ok:

Count Process Name Action Target Name Options Res.
----- ------------ ------ ----------- ------- ----
1 WBL ChangeDir Storage:homer
2 WBL Load Homer OK
3 WBL Lock Homer Read OK
4 WBL ChangeDir SYS:
5 Homer OpenLib utility.library Ver 37 OK
6 Homer OpenLib locale.library Ver 38 OK
7 Homer OpenLib mathieeesingbas.library Ver 33 OK
8 Homer OpenLib mathieeedoubbas.library Ver 33 OK
9 Homer OpenLib mathieeedoubtrans.library Ver 33 OK
10 Homer OpenLib mathieeedoubbas.library Ver 45 OK
11 Homer Open CON:20/20/600/150/Homer Out Write OK
12 Homer Open CONSOLE: Write OK
13 Homer ChangeDir Storage:homer
14 Homer OpenLib intuition.library Ver 38 OK
15 Homer OpenLib graphics.library Ver 38 OK
16 Homer OpenLib datatypes.library Ver 38 OK
17 Homer OpenLib locale.library Ver 38 OK
18 Homer OpenLib icon.library Ver 38 OK
19 Homer OpenLib cybergraphics.library Ver 0 OK
20 Homer OpenDev timer.device Unit 0 OK
21 Homer FindSem NSDPatch (8.3.2002) OK
22 Homer OpenLib rexxsyslib.library Ver 0 OK
23 Homer FindPort HOMERSG Fail
24 Homer Open homer.info Read OK
25 Homer ToolType POSX OK
26 Homer ToolType POSY OK
27 Homer ToolType TRANSPARENT Fail
28 Homer ToolType BORDERLESS Fail
29 Homer Open PROGDIR:data/anim/standing. Read OK
30 Homer Open PROGDIR:data/anim/doh.vid Read OK
31 Homer Open PROGDIR:data/anim/woohoo.vi Read OK
32 Homer Open PROGDIR:data/anim/crazy.vid Read OK
33 Homer Lock PROGDIR:data/sound/doh.wav Read OK
34 CON LockScreen Workbench OK
35 CON OpenFont courier.font Size 13 OK
36 CON FindSem NSDPatch (8.3.2002) OK
37 Homer ChangeDir SYS:
Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 6 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Stuart Paterson on 09-Nov-2003 21:59 GMT
Works great here (OS3.9 a3000 with CvPPC and CsPPC.)

Nice job. Can't wait to see future revisions.
Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 7 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Daniel Allsopp on 09-Nov-2003 22:21 GMT
Seems I've got some fixes to do. I'll look into it tomorrow night. Thanks for the feedback :-)
Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 8 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Felix on 10-Nov-2003 13:41 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Daniel Allsopp):
Real fun toy, Just setup YAM to use Homer ;-)
Keep up the fun work

Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 9 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Daniel Allsopp on 10-Nov-2003 20:49 GMT

If you've been getting the error "no anims" but SNOOPDOS is showing the animations are in fact opening correctly, please check that you have a suitable WAV datatype installed. I was using the error "no anims" if the sounds OR anims were failing, stupid me. This is now fixed.

You can check if the samples will load by trying to load them with multiview and playing them that way. The WAV datatype that I'm using is found on Aminet here: http://us.aminet.net/aminet/util/dtype/wavdt41.lha
Initial HomerSG Release : Comment 10 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Mark Cheetham on 11-Nov-2003 00:26 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (Daniel Allsopp):
I do, I have that exact datatype. The problem seems to be at my end, not yours, as no wav files aswell as yours will play despite the datatype being installed.

I have tried re-installing the wav dt to no avail. I will mess around, Thank-you.
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