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[News] IBrowse 2.3 now also available as CD-versionANN.lu
Posted on 25-Nov-2003 14:37 GMT by Felix Schwarz
At IOSPIRIT a CD-version of IBrowse 2.3 and IBrowse 2.3 Update is now also available. The CD contains the browser itself, the new documentation (in English) and other goodies.

Instead of a keyfile, each CD ships with a certificate, that can be exchanged against a keyfile in the customer's iospirit.de account.

Due to legal reasons regarding the export of encryption technology, AmiSSL is not contained on the CD, but can be downloaded for free from the iospirit.de-download area.

Dealers interested in ordering CD-versions of IBrowse are invited to contact IOSPIRIT by eMail.

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