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[Web] A/NES CGFX website moves againANN.lu
Posted on 09-Dec-2003 09:42 GMT by Morgan3 comments
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The website is now back at the old location at passagen. The new website at nylen.biz stopped working for some reason(no one bothered to inform me about this) so I decided to move the website back to the old location at http://hem.passagen.se/anescgfx/
A/NES CGFX website moves again : Comment 1 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by Lennart Fridén on 09-Dec-2003 11:29 GMT
The ISP decided to upgrade the nylen.biz account without being told to do so. The domain has been down for 18 days but it should be fully operational within days. It's just the registrar that needs to update the root servers with the new domain info. I'm quite sure Christian will be more than happy to continue to host your site, now with a significant increase in bandwidth.
A/NES CGFX website moves again : Comment 2 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by Crumb // AAT on 09-Dec-2003 17:00 GMT
A/NES CGFX final version will be released this friday. Notice the word "final". I guess a combination of lack of personal motivation and public interest are the biggest reasons for this decision. I guess the "public interest" bit is related to the close to non-existant Amiga userbase today (which is a shame).
And no, the source won't be released. Anyway, watch out for the final version (it will only contain minor changes). It has been fun! Thank you! "

That's a pity...
A/NES CGFX website moves again : Comment 3 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by Jupp3 on 09-Dec-2003 18:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Crumb // AAT):
Sad to hear it will be the last one... I've used it quite a bit, even if emulation isn't as good as on some emulators, it's always fun to show Mega Man I running full speed (speed limit off) on 50MHz 060 (They NEVER believe the speed before seeing it...)

Haven't tried it with Pegasos yet, will do that in the near future... Hope it will work...

Oh... and how about a PPC version? :-)
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