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[Events] Bath Amiga Show (13-12-03) ReportANN.lu
Posted on 13-Dec-2003 23:01 GMT by Angus Manwaring51 comments
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My impressions (with pics) of the Bath Amiga Show - presented by the South West Amiga Group. There a link off the Main AGDB page to my Bath Amiga Show (13-12-03) Report.
Bath Amiga Show (13-12-03) Report : Comment 51 of 51ANN.lu
Posted by Tigger on 15-Dec-2003 19:39 GMT
In reply to Comment 50 (Don Cox):
I have a hunch that it would take more than the death of the Amiga Inc company to suppress fleecy. He doesn't give up easily.

Yeah, when Gateway fired him, we figured they would be the last company to let his incompetance run wild, we were sadly mistaken. When are you going to introduce the real CTO should never come up in a conversation about your new officers, but surely did in Amiga Incs founding days. But the death of Amiga Inc will stop (or at least should stop) the threatening letters from Fleecy which is backed by the Amiga Inc Legal staff (according to the letters), apparently this is the same staff Bill threatened many with at Amiwest 2002, and the same staff that didnt show up for any court cases Amiga Inc actually have been involved in during the last 3 years.
Anonymous, there are 51 items in your selection [1 - 50]
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