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[Unmoderated] One snowy afternoon...ANN.lu
Posted on 24-Feb-2004 05:22 GMT by Earlfromtheshellstationdowntheroad4 comments
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The porting begins... One snowy afternoon, in the foothills east of Snoqualmie, a UPS truck lumbered up a narrow, snow-covered gravel road, towards a small but cozy looking cabin. An excited child shouts, "Daddy, Daddy, the Crashboys are here! The Crashboys are here". A tall bearded man sets his axe down by the woodpile. Son, I keep telling you, it"s "cashboys", without the r. I'll go start the generator, an when you see me wave, plug in the Pentium. As the boy heads towards the porch, he asks, "Am I still gonna get paid for each line I type?" "Yes son, the same deal as Fleecys' kids get. But it's a team effort, So use the spellchecker before you click 'compile'. He saunters out back to the generator, and as he gives the rope a hearty yank, saying... "if its a port he wants, a port he'll get!"
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Posted by EyeAm on 24-Feb-2004 06:35 GMT
The Devil appears--from the woods, maybe; though, seemingly, from out of nowhere.

"Don't do a simple port," he tells the kid, while the old man is away. "Rather, don't stop there. I have bigger plans for you. But first, I want your soul. Oh, and his too. And don't worry about the Sheep Lord, he works for me..." The Devil smiled, flipping a solid silver coin, with what seemed to be some kind of checkered ball on it, in relief.

"Make it a port, but abstract the classic machines to software. I'll return when you're finished."
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Posted by Anonymous on 24-Feb-2004 07:00 GMT
Starring: Bill McEwen as Santa Klaus, old nick.
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Posted by Anonymous on 24-Feb-2004 10:37 GMT
haha.. nice one :-D
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Posted by Doobrey on 24-Feb-2004 22:29 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Anonymous):
I reckon the guy who plays Giles in Buffy would be a good Fleecy..
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