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[Files] SNES9xStarter 1.0ANN.lu
Posted on 02-Mar-2004 18:24 GMT by mcbarlo1 comments
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Snes 9x Starter 1.0 for MorphOS You can download it from here. In new version:

- added new options "transparency" , "frame skip" and "sound filter"
- you can launch roms with the space in name
- now program support locale.library (#?.cd file in archive)
SNES9xStarter 1.0 : Comment 1 of 1ANN.lu
Posted by Emeric SH on 04-Mar-2004 07:01 GMT
Finally I had time to download and try it out. It was easy to use, and the GUI is simple and elegant. I attached an icon to it (a joypad image) and now it sits among my games in the appropriate dock.

It's OK as it is, the only thing I'd change is only subjective: I'd rather have a file browse line for the actual rom, and a list either with games I can preset or a list of the last few roms I played. I'd put the preferences into a separate menu point with the usual SAVE, USE, CANCEL options, instead of the current save on quit one.

Anyway, I like it as it is though. :)

Nice GUI!
Anonymous, there are 1 items in your selection
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