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[Files] VIM 6.2.329 (MorphOS) releasedANN.lu
Posted on 08-Mar-2004 18:52 GMT by oGALAXYo6 comments
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Keyfeatures here are:

- Syntax Highlighting working in MorphOS shell,
- Included configuration file,
- New Installation instructions,
- Own new Web page with Screenshots,
- Makefile supports building GVIM (not recommended).

Get a look at the MorphOS VIM page.

VIM 6.2.329 (MorphOS) released : Comment 1 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by Emeric SH on 08-Mar-2004 18:58 GMT
Nice screenshots. There are some gVIM fanatic friends of mine, they will surely appreciate it. For me, I'll stick to Ced. :)
VIM 6.2.329 (MorphOS) released : Comment 2 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by oGALAXYo on 08-Mar-2004 21:04 GMT
VIM MorphOS finally mentioned on the official VIM site.
VIM 6.2.329 (MorphOS) released : Comment 3 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by James Carroll on 09-Mar-2004 03:32 GMT
VIM 6.2.329 (MorphOS) released : Comment 4 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by bitburger on 10-Mar-2004 22:04 GMT
VIM for MOS looking good! GalaxY: Are u planning to implement custom GUI/terminal (e.g MUI texteditor class) or continue 2 build it shell (as is now)?
VIM 6.2.329 (MorphOS) released : Comment 5 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by DET Nicolas on 12-Mar-2004 08:04 GMT
VIM is complaning here:

- Canont find color scheme elflord
- Can't open file vm:/syntax/sytax.vim

Forgot some file in the archive ?

By the way, you should always try to avoid VIM: assign usage. I've noticed that VIM only look for syntax.vim in VIM: maybe you can try to search in /usr/share/vm or some stuff like that.
I don't like having assign for "little software".

Anyway, Thx a lot !
I will not impressed my Unix fan friend :-)

VIM 6.2.329 (MorphOS) released : Comment 6 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by oGALAXYo on 12-Mar-2004 16:20 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (DET Nicolas):
I have included a straightforward instruction *.txt file in the VIM lha file. How more detailed could I get ?
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