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[Files] The empire strikes back...ANN.lu
Posted on 03-May-2004 14:30 GMT by tokai2 comments
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After the release of MLdonkey 2.5.16 we were inattentive and CISC could break out off his dingy cellar. From a very secret source we could receive the information that CISC was captured a day after his breakout by laire and had to do slaving work on upcoming MorphOS 1.5 since then. But we never gave up. Finally last night we could strike back. It was misty, and probably too cold for a night in may.

02.04 a.m., dressed with pure black clothes... WTF?! Who put that AROS kitty on the back of our coats? If we find that malefactor... then... err... but back to the story: it was 02.04 a.m., dressed with almost black clothes we broke into laires villa. First we stumbled over a XBox... *wow*, the games are not that bad, really. If that thing wouldn't be produced by M$ then we would have taken it along. Hey... that Rally game rulez... oih... cool...

05.11 a.m., after a very long and hard *hmpf*... err... creeping into the dungeon of laire's villa we were able to locate CISC in a dark and clammy cell where he had to code for MorphOS 1.5 on a april-less Pegasos. Quickly we realized that's the perfect place for CISC, so we just tortured him a bit until he finished the new MLdonkey build for us.

After all we were happy as we could leave this slimy mudhole.

So here it is and I'm proud to present:

MLdonkey 2.5-19 for MorphOS/ PowerPC

MLdonkey is a multi-platform multi-networks peer-to-peer client which runs as a daemon. It supports several large networks, such as eDonkey, Overnet, Bittorrent, Gnutella, Gnutella2, Fasttrack, Soulseek, Direct-Connect and Opennap. It can be controlled locally or remotely using several interfaces like telnet or http.

changes since 2.5-16:

· fixed bug causing lost of partially downloaded chunks.
· fixed bug in recover_bytes
· new edonkey command 'recover_bytes' to recover files at a byte level
· improved emule compatibility
· memory bug in bandwidth management (partially) fixed
· new command 'set_brothers'
· safer options-saving at exit

and probably a few thousand bugfixes and patches. :-) Please read the ChangeLog inside the archive for a full list of all changes.

*CISC* Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is.
The empire strikes back... : Comment 1 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by DSLCC on 03-May-2004 18:41 GMT
Works great! :) Thanks!!!!


The empire strikes back... : Comment 2 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Crumb // AAT on 03-May-2004 19:27 GMT
Good job! :-)
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