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[News] ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4ANN.lu
Posted on 20-May-2004 17:12 GMT by Nicolas Mendoza10 comments
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Yes, you can now use the solid Protracker player developed by Tim Mueller, Ronald Hof and Per Johansson on AmigaOS4.0. Ptplay now runs on 3.x, Morphos and AmigaOS4. Updated package will be available shortly here: http://ptplay.k-n-p.org/. Sources are of course included.
ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 1 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Nicolas Mendoza on 20-May-2004 15:14 GMT
In the meantime you can download an unofficial package from here: http://home.polarboing.com/nicomen/download/ptplay.lha or the binary here: http://home.polarboing.com/nicomen/download/ptplay_os4
ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 2 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Emeric SH on 20-May-2004 15:42 GMT
Nice to see programs supporting so many platforms. Nice!
ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 3 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by tokai on 20-May-2004 16:00 GMT
it's "Timm" not "Tim". :)

yes, the original ptplay sources by bifat are very clean and I think it wasn't too problematic to compile them under AOS4, or? :)

IMHO a port of TEKlib for OS4 would be more interesting (from OS4 point of view).

ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 4 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by hooligan/dcs on 20-May-2004 16:13 GMT
... but who needs one since we have UADE? :)
ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 5 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by itix on 20-May-2004 17:33 GMT
Nicolas, http://www.lehtoranta.net/ptplay_src.lha Feel free to use/port. We intended to release this source code soon but maybe better release it bit early now. Source code is heavily bastardised but it can compute total playtime for tune and supports seeking. This is same library as used in ANR.
ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 6 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Thomas W├╝rgler/Pagan on 20-May-2004 19:48 GMT
Nico: I guess I owe you a beer or something now ;)
ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 7 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 21-May-2004 01:50 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (hooligan/dcs):
people that want to save their cpu cycles for something else, or want to go beyond the amiga's limitations, and so on.

quick quiz: how do you get atmosphere by uncle tom to play as soundtracker 2.4 and not "Protracker compatible"? I don't know how the song sounded in Double Dragon 2, but I... hate... that... broken... lead.... sample.

mod.memorydust: unknown format

at least dreamdog isn't detected as Ultimate Soundtracker any more.

but uade is great when, for example, you want to listen to His Master's Noise (using the EaglePlayer on Wanted Team's site).
ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 8 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by drHirudo on 21-May-2004 03:24 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Nicolas Mendoza):
This is great news. Now I can remove the hardware dependand stuff (mostly the joystick routines) in my projects and easily port them to AmigaOS 4.0 and MorphOS. I used The Player 6.1A for compresion of the modules, but keep the original modules. Now the executables will be much bigger, but this doesn't matter much.

ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 9 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by hooligan/dcs on 21-May-2004 06:04 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Anonymous):
It's good to have alternatives. I only meant I am a big fan of UADE... having tongue in cheek-mode on ;)
ptplay "ported" to AmigaOS4 : Comment 10 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 23-May-2004 08:17 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (hooligan/dcs):
Has anyone tried a port of MikMod? I used it a few years ago, and it was pretty cool. I used it with Linux, but I think it might be multiplatform.

For those who don't know, MikMod is a shared library that can be used to play all sorts of mod formats, from 4 channel ST all the way to 32 channel S3M.
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