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[Files] subversion 1.0.4 clients (MorphOS)ANN.lu
Posted on 27-May-2004 21:06 GMT by tokai6 comments
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Subversion is a version control system, which allows you to keep old versions of files and directories (usually source code), keep a log of who, when, and why changes occurred, etc., like CVS, RCS or SCCS. Actually subversion is meant to be a better CVS, so it has most of CVS's features. Generally, Subversion's interface to a particular feature is similar to CVS's, except where there's a compelling reason to do otherwise.

Subversion keeps a single copy of the master sources. This copy is called the source "repository"; it contains all the information to permit extracting previous versions of those files at any time.

The current MorphOS release comes for now only with native ports of the subversion clients: svn and svnversion. The archive also contains various documentation about subversion in different formats including the subversion-book (html, pdf, xml). Please note that only the documentation about the clients is relevant for now. For a next release it is planned to include the demon, apache modules and server administration tools too.

The current morphos release is only interesting for you if you have to deal with SVN repositories for your projects, else it might be actually quite useless for - so better don't download it.

NOTE: the clients were ported by me, because I needed them for one of my projects. I use them daily for this project and they run very stable and they do the job very well (which i didn't expected after I got the 26MB sources finally to compile). That means they are in parts untested and still could contain serious bugs or other (minor) problems could show up.

Get it from http://www.christianrosentreter.com/releases/
subversion 1.0.4 clients (MorphOS) : Comment 1 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by opi on 28-May-2004 01:22 GMT
Good job, Tokai. I'll have to take a look at Sub, asap. :)
subversion 1.0.4 clients (MorphOS) : Comment 2 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by gary_c on 28-May-2004 02:22 GMT
I've heard good things about Subversion; nice to see it (part of the way) on MorphOS. Another step forward. ;-)

-- gary_c
subversion 1.0.4 clients (MorphOS) : Comment 3 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by amiOle-EgilOne on 28-May-2004 05:05 GMT
Good idea. I use it at work. SVN really rules, compared to CVS.

BitKeeper is smarter, but has a horrible license...
subversion 1.0.4 clients (MorphOS) : Comment 4 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by Martin Blom on 28-May-2004 05:44 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (amiOle-EgilOne):
Has anyone here tried (GNU) arch, in real life? I've not yet decided if I'll switch to arch or subversion.

They both have advantages. Obviously, not having to port one of them is a big one. :-)
subversion 1.0.4 clients (MorphOS) : Comment 5 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by gary_c on 29-May-2004 07:32 GMT
I just noticed an OSNews.com.

-- gary_c
subversion 1.0.4 clients (MorphOS) : Comment 6 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by gary_c on 29-May-2004 07:34 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (gary_c):
Geez, what happened to my post? I mean I saw the article at the URL, linked from OSNews.com.

-- gary_c
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