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[Files] new morphos version of Transport Tycoon DeluxeANN.lu
Posted on 14-Jul-2004 20:18 GMT by morphuser (Edited on 2004-07-15 09:54:58 GMT by Christian Kemp)6 comments
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as you can read on amiga-news.de, a new version of the open source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe was released today on sourceforge. Seems the morphos guys have implemented working network support for morphos and even amigaos. So now everyone could compile a version for 68k, wup, os4, pup, amithlon or winuae, or? " Changes:
- Feature: (MorphOS/AmigaOS) network support
- Feature: improved german town name generator
- Change: scenarios now have the file extension .scn
- Fix: removing and upgrading tracks under a bridge when a train is on the bridge
- Change: default network port from 12345 (known trojan) to 3979
- Fix: pause button was not synched in network games
- Fix: crash caused by invalid screen resolutions
- Fix: AI can not build tubular bridges in 1950, etc. Same restrictions apply to it, as to human players.
- Feature: transparent station signs
- Feature: show total cargo per wagon type in train details window
- Fix: volume, liters, was x100, should be x1000
- Feature: bridges on slopes
- Fix: bridge building by towns was screwed when executed without testing first
- Feature: added Galician translation (by Condex)
- Change: crossing tunnels is now considered a cheat
- Fix: better AI route finding
- Fix: AI builds less inner-city bus stations
- Fix: Better industry spreading on random maps
- Fix: Two industries that accept the same goods can never be very close to each other
- Feature: Extra dynamite, allow the removal of town-owned roads, bridges, tunnels for a popularity rating penalty
- Feature: magic bulldozer cheat, that lets you remove industries, unmovables and town-owned buildings, roads and bridges
- Fix: destroying bridge (over water or 'higher bridge' with vehicle on it)
- Fix Game crashes when you hit the build rail button
- Fix: some scenarios had a max_railtype of 0
- Fix: Bribe Autorithy. A failed attempt to bribe is now also stored in savegame
- Fix: 80% CPU load paused in fast-forward
- Feature: Enabled 'remove' button for stations
- Feature: Cheat GUI (activate with crtl-alt-c) The game remembers if you have used a cheat
- Fix: Some airport runways were treated
- Fix: minor minimap glitch
- Fix: station sorting scroll fails with not ennough stations
- Fix: desert ground for depots in the desert
- Feature: station sort implemented using qsort()
- Feature: station list shows #of stations owned by player
- Fix: trains could run on wrong track type under bridges
- Fix: screenshot hangs
- Feature: split canal/lock tool in two tools, one for building canals, one for locks.
- Fix: wrong sound with ships
- Fix: toy shop closes even though it has supply
- Fix: nordic characters
- Feature: make the HQ generate passengers and mail
- Fix: slso restore Service Interval when rebuying vehicle
- Fix: crash with map bits > 8
- Fix: ufo crash in busstop
- Fix: town actions has empty row
- Change: made helicopters able to land on small airports again
- Feature: display number of houses in town overview window
- Fix: train stuck with the head in one depot and tail in another
- Fix: Optimized random radio tower spreading
- Feature: Land info now shows type of signal
- Fix: ground below trees is sometimes not covered by snow
- Fix: fast forward button in scenario editor
- Change: screenshots are saved to PERSONAL_DIR (unix)
- Fix: screenshot hotkey does not function in scenario editor
- Fix: allow deleting a bridge if a vehicle is below
- Fix: crash loading a scenario
- Fix: build tracks on water
- Fix: fast forward button pressed with tab
- Fix: vehicles don't get old
- Feature: realistic train reversing
- Feature: added support for 64 bit CPUs
- Fix: finance bug with some original scenarios
- Feature: added water quantity level "very low", which is the default for easy mode now
- Fix: 'Stopped' is shown when train is stopping and 'Reverse' is clicked
- Feature: realistic acceleration turned on, train must first slow down and stop before it can reverse
- Feature: (MorphOS build) various small improvement to make the the game feel more native
- Feature: alt + f now toggles full screen (alt + enter still works)
- Feature: (OSX build) command + q shows the quit window and command + f or enter toggles full screen (alt and control still works too)
- Feature: pasky's autorenew, autorenews vehicles if enabled.
- Feature: (incomplete) news history window
- Feature: larger smallmap size
- Feature: Austrian Citynames
- Feature: repaying most possible debt
- Feature: added Polish translation (by tomek)
- Feature: added Danish translation (by Gof.dk)
- Feature: pasky's grfspecial loader. You have to enable them in openttd.cfg using [newgrf] setting
- Feature: smooth economy changes
- Fix: 100% CPU bug
- Fix: crash when AI builds airport
- Fix: plays wrong music on main screen
- Fix: inflation was way too high when intrest rate = 0
- Fix: can't sell anything if money is TOO negative
- Fix: fast forward button resets
- Feature: TTDPatch-style gotodepot. Ship depots and aircraft hangars can be inserted in the schedule as well.
- Feature: ability to add "service if needed" orders (the "full load" button changes to "service" after selecting a depot order)
- Feature: if a vehicle has depot orders in its schedule, automatic servicing is disabled
- Change: autosaves are now placed in save/autosave
- Feature: patch setting so that helicopters get serviced automatically on helipad
- Fix: "refit train" button remains
- Change: default savegame directory is /save in Linux
- Fix: enable up/down scrolling with the mouse
- Feature: center toolbar on screen
- Feature: sort savelist by date
- Feature: allow scrolling in both directions
- Feature: darkvater's two new airports (metropolitan in 1980 and international in 1990)
- Feature: Resizing the window in all SDL builds
- Fix: 1920 all trains
- Fix: wrong heli breakdownspeed
- Feature: added MIDI flag to makefile to set custom path to midi player
- Fix: station list cargo waiting display bug
- Fix: bug that could allow rails on steep slopes
- Fix: train depots and checkpoints not flooded by water
- Fix: added command line option (-i) to deactivate the grf check
- Fix: signal bug [ 949929 ] "

new morphos version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe : Comment 1 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by Emeric SH on 15-Jul-2004 05:21 GMT
That is some HUGE changes list.
new morphos version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe : Comment 2 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by priest on 15-Jul-2004 07:18 GMT
"Seems the morphos guys have implemented working network support for morphos and even amigaos. "

Co-operation ? Support over boundaries ? That's sick !
Call 911, no, call Ariel Sharon, we need a wall !

new morphos version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe : Comment 3 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by Chain|Q on 15-Jul-2004 09:57 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (priest):
Implementing network support that works on MOS but not on AOS would be more hard to do, considering most MOS users currently using good old Amiga TCP/IP stacks (like Miami and Genesis) running in 68k emulation... :)

BTW, i'm impressed about the quality of this OpenTTD release. Keep up the good work guys.
new morphos version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe : Comment 4 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by Jupp3 on 15-Jul-2004 13:44 GMT
A quality port of a quality GPL game. Could I even ask more?
new morphos version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe : Comment 5 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by Man on the moon on 16-Jul-2004 14:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (priest):
Actually, most of the AmigaOS code comes from my mind. But - really - who cares!?
Enjoy this fscking great game!! (Now even on AmigaOS - find here the latest 68k build.)
new morphos version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe : Comment 6 of 6ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous Orc on 19-Jul-2004 07:05 GMT
> Seems the morphos guys have implemented working network support for morphos and >even amigaos

and even AmigaOS? Seeing as MorphOS uses AmigaOS classic stacks (eg Miami or Genesis) to actually GET any networking, its pretty ovious that basic AmiTCP code
will work on all platforms. thats the idea of having such a nice open API.

hey! dont be shocked, it'll probably work out of the box on AmigaOS 4 too!
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