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[News] E3B: new version of ALGOR is shipping!ANN.lu
Posted on 26-Jul-2004 07:01 GMT by Michael Böhmer
E3B is pleased to announce the new ALGOR PRO USB controller with embedded FlashROM. For details, please check the press release. Garching, 26/07/2004

E3B is happy to announce the delivery of a new series of ALGOR USB controller cards.
The new version of the ALGOR Zorro II / III expansion card has been improved greatly regarding the FlashROM capabilities. The ALGOR PRO features now twice the memory (1MB) as FlashROM compared to the old revision of the ALGOR. Using user transparent compression, the actual capacity is around 1750KB!

The board is shipped with Chris Hodges' well-known Luciferin software. After the first release of the ALGOR over one year ago, the Algor PRO can already be considered an elaborate and field-tested FlashROM solution.

Besides the capacity doubled FlashROM the ALGOR PRO offers the same, well known advantages of the ALGOR:

- extremely fast Zorro II interface with atomic 32bit accesses
- compatible with Zorro II / III
- compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 specifications (no highspeed mode)
- integrated three port root hub
- all ports protected against overcurrent and overload
- integrated power management
- power saving 3.3V technology
- compatible with all 68030/040/060 and PPC CPU boards
- integrated FlashROM (1MB) for embedding the Poseidon USB stack, the OS3.5/3.9 RomUpdates and/or replacing the Kickstart ROM by another version
- ready for Amiga OS 4: can host Kickstart 4.0 in FlashROM
- 38pin epxansion header for ethernet module NORWAY (10MBit)
- full featured OEM license of Poseidon V2.x included

The ALGOR PRO can be equipped with the ethernet module NORWAY just like the ALGOR.
This allows up to three different functionalities in just one Zorro slot: USB host, 10MBit ethernet and FlashROM! Thus the ALGOR PRO is the ideal choice for all Amiga systems with small number of Zorro slots, as well as for systems which cannot use other FlashROM solutions due to the lack of Zorro III.

Due to the highly flexible hardware design of the ALGOR E3B is able to offer the ALGOR PRO at the same suggested retail price of 99EUR (excl. VAT); the pricing for the ALGOR (still available in small quantities) is adjusted to 94EUR (excl. VAT).

Worldwide shipping to Amiga dealers will start end of the week.

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