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Posted on 04-Aug-2004 11:59 GMT by Ryu2 comments
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Warren Katchmar has written a short report about his experiences of AmiWest 2004, you can read it in the articles section on www.IntuitionBase.com.
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Posted by Darth_X on 04-Aug-2004 14:21 GMT
How many people attended? I've heard the number was something like 60 people.
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Posted by JKD on 04-Aug-2004 16:16 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Darth_X):
Darth...seems like around that number.

I spent a little time talking to Warren but realized stupidly that we never introduced ourselves....doh!

Those two Pegasos guys were Steve Hodson (me) and Paul Rezendes...

I wish I'd seen Warren's Hollywood presentation....it is indeed a good app, fast becoming a great one. I especially like the way it can compile a presentation into native code.

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