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Posted on 04-Aug-2004 21:43 GMT by Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek (Edited on 2004-08-05 19:06:33 GMT by Christophe Decanini)13 comments
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I would like to propose You something. It's targeted mainly at developers, so if You are not one, it may stop reading because it may be a bit boring.

What is it about? Appearance of Pegasos and AmigaOne computers, made some more movement in a world of developers, and more new software is created. This is of course a good sign. I think, that I can propose interesting form to integrate these developers which are active and want to create new software.

After this introduction, it's time for details. What can i offer, is a CVS account on a fast server. I think i don't have to explain what CVS is and what are it's advantages.

Account is ofcourse completely free and offers alot. Every 24 hours a copy or whole repository is made on a separate machine to protect Your work from unexpected accidents. There is also a mailing list (on Yahoogroups, invite only so no spammers), which You can use to share ideas on the projects You are currently working on. It's a fast and comfortable way to synchronize work and find solutions to problems. Here i mentioned only a server. CVS itself is completely different thing, but there is really a lot of documentation about on on the internet, so everyone who doesn't know what this system is, could check on Google for example.

Some of You may ask why another CVS since there is SourceForge, etc. Here are the answers. First, You are among amiga (and amiga-compatible) system developers. Not much of us, but with common roots.

Another thing, is that there are two types of repositories (not like SF). Public and private. Public ones are accesible to all the people on the mailing list. It lets everyone to get the sources, modify or fix them. In the future this kind of repositories may be extended with read/write rights to specific people. All changes to the project are logged and reported with an email on the mailing list. With priate repositories on the other hand, I focused on security. The only person who has access to the repository is the project owner and people who he gave the rights to do it. Every access to the repository is made through the SSH and changes are logged and sent to private email addresses of project owners.

Server it running since some time, and a few Polish programmers were testing it. Now it works stable, causes no trouble and is really ready to serve other people.

I invite all programmers writing for AmigaOS or MorphOS to cooperation. I know that i was not able to explain everything in this short document, so with any doubts and questions please write me, or find me on an IRC channel (usualy as MorgothDC, #morphos at ch1.arcnet.vapor.com. You can also try #castor-cvs channel, where people using this CVS are sometimes meeting).

Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek morgoth6@box43.pl

PS. Big ThX for Kiero for translation and help !

For Developers ... : Comment 1 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek on 04-Aug-2004 19:47 GMT
Sigh! My first news on ANN and I fu&*&^% it up.
For Developers ... : Comment 2 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by pixie on 04-Aug-2004 20:32 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek):
> Sigh! My first news on ANN and I fu&*&^% it up.

It happens to all, but all in all it's a good post, I bet the moderators can fix that repeated part of the message..
For Developers ... : Comment 3 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Crumb // AAT on 05-Aug-2004 05:04 GMT
Nice idea :-)
It's a good practice to make your base program 3.1 source compatible and optionally later use MOS and OS4 special features (maybe with defines or some kind of plug-ins). It's a way of increasing the available user base for your program :-)
For Developers ... : Comment 4 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Olegil on 05-Aug-2004 05:44 GMT
CVS is evil.

After having started using SVN I find myself completely baffled by the non-brilliance of CVS.

Just thought I would mention it :-)
For Developers ... : Comment 5 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek on 05-Aug-2004 06:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Olegil):
I see no problem to make a SVN serwer too. But there is one problem. There is no fully functional port to AmigaOS ...
For Developers ... : Comment 6 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 05-Aug-2004 06:48 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek):
The SVN clients are available for MorphOS AFAIR. :-)
For Developers ... : Comment 7 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek on 05-Aug-2004 09:37 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Anonymous):
For MorphOS yes there is a client. But what about AmigaOS ?
For Developers ... : Comment 8 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 05-Aug-2004 12:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek):
OleEgel will port it!! :)
For Developers ... : Comment 9 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Sigbjørn Skjæret on 06-Aug-2004 00:06 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek):
You could always automatically sync the SVN server with the CVS server (though, I'm not sure if you can sync back properly), that way people could use whatever they fancy... ;)

For Developers ... : Comment 10 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by 3seas on 07-Aug-2004 09:58 GMT
why is this not a hot or even luke-warm topic?

1) there just aint that many developers left in Amiga land

2) most Amiga developers don't frequent ANN

3) Since the successful commercial developers don't do this, why should others?

4) this is like the _____ time something like this has been offered.
For Developers ... : Comment 11 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by itix on 07-Aug-2004 21:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 10 (3seas):
5) Amiga developers already use some private CVS
For Developers ... : Comment 12 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek on 08-Aug-2004 14:59 GMT
In reply to Comment 11 (itix):
Yeah. But this solution have some advantages too. First is a easy and safe way to work witm some other ppl with one project, easy consultation using ML, etc.

There is already some nice projects (Two comercial projects) on the CVS and all users seems tobe happy with such situation and way of work. Some new programs born here too.
For Developers ... : Comment 13 of 13ANN.lu
Posted by Marcin [Morgoth] Kurek on 08-Aug-2004 15:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (Sigbjørn Skjæret):
Hmmm, sounds good. I need to ask admin about such solution. ThX
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