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[Web] CD32-Allianz introduces CDTV-registrationANN.lu
Posted on 21-Sep-2004 05:57 GMT by CD32-Allianz4 comments
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CD32-Allianz introduces CDTV-registration 13 years after the CDTV/CD-1000's (Commodore Dynamic Total Vision) market launch, this Amiga computer still stands the test of time. Back then Commodore was far ahead of its time with the idea behind the CDTV, which is something we can benefit from even today in the year 2004, as the CDTV is used in many homes as a CD-player next to a DVD-player or similar devices. In case playing back AudioCDs isn't enough for you, the CDTV can be expanded with the MAS-Player Pro to play the wide-spread MP3-format.

But the CDTV is capable of more than just playing back AudioCDs and MP3 tracks, with corresponding hardware better graphics, MPEG-decoding for (S)VCD movies, more memory and an ethernetport could be possible, and all of this could be realised on a circuit board for the CDTVs expansion slot. One should not forget what application area Commodore intended the CDTV to be used for: entertainment, presentation, encyclopedia and education.

Unfortunately, no new hardware expansion has been developed for the CDTV in quite a while. On the one hand, a lot of hardware companies turned away from the Amiga computer and on the other hand, it's hard to estimate how many people still actively use their CDTV. For this very reason, the CD32-Allianz decided to introduce a "CDTV registration" on our homepage to perhaps one day realise something in terms of hardware expansions. It's worth a try by all means!

Thus the favour I want to ask you, please support us, because we will only be able to move something and be strong as a "union"!

You can reach the CDTV registration via the following link:


On a side note we'd like to mention that our homepage can now be viewed at a screen resolution of 800x600 as well.

We will add a lot of updates in the near future, that's why we'd like to invite you to visit us from time to time. :)
CD32-Allianz introduces CDTV-registration : Comment 1 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Tronman on 21-Sep-2004 13:31 GMT
Great idea! Hell, if the C=64 crowd can get an ethernet module, why
can't we? ;-)

All we need now is a DVD recorder that takes caddies and fits in the
CDTV, and a PowerPC accelerator :-D WIth laptop size DDR RAM on
board.. Schwiiing! Hey, might as well dream big..

Also, an english language version might be helpful for those of us who
can't read German..
CD32-Allianz introduces CDTV-registration : Comment 2 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 21-Sep-2004 16:08 GMT
CDTV is really a nice looking computer even to day,
CD32-Allianz introduces CDTV-registration : Comment 3 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 21-Sep-2004 16:09 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Tronman):
AmigaOne-I in side :-D
CD32-Allianz introduces CDTV-registration : Comment 4 of 4ANN.lu
Posted by Wardy on 22-Sep-2004 18:35 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (Kjetil):
Not a bad Idea, might have to find a cdtv now..
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