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[Files] [MorphOS] SeventhSense updatedANN.lu
Posted on 22-Sep-2004 09:56 GMT by Grzegorz Kraszewski
After a slight delay caused by my gfxcard failure I've released next update of SeventhSense, a website update scanner. List of changes:

- BUGFIX: [http.stream] Busylooping on some HTTP/1.0 sites.

- BUGFIX: When user selected "Load" from menu and then cancelled the ASL requester, the program still loaded default site list. Bug reported by Audun Evensen.

- FEATURE: Sites can be disabled (from the context menu), disabled sites are not checked and marked with a blue LED. Feature suggested by antibike.

- FEATURE: "Updated" status of a webpage (marked by emboldening its name) can be manually cleared with context menu "Forget update" option, it can be done for all sites with "Forget all" button. Feature suggested by antibike.

- FEATURE: SeventhSense now remembers a path to loaded site list. At the next start this remembered list is loaded. "Save" option in main menu saves to currently loaded list, "Save as default" saves to "PRGODIR:sites.list". Both options make backups by adding ".bak" to the filename. Feature suggested by antibike.

- FEATURE: Path to currently loaded site list is displayed on the window titlebar.

- FEATURE: Length differencies are now shown properly.

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