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[Files] WarpPNG.datatype V45.4 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 25-Sep-2004 20:17 GMT by Oliver Roberts
A new version of WarpPNG and a corresponding WarpDTPrefs update are now available to download from www.warpdt.co.uk. Changes for WarpPNG are as follows:

- 68k versions now upto 15% faster.
- Added a new ALPHA_MODE option called KEEP which allows pure 32-bit RGBA output for images accompanied by an alpha channel (only available for OS4 and MorphOS 1.x - requires a picture.datatype supporting RGBA).
- Updated with libpng 1.2.7 and zlib 1.2.1.
- Added native AmigaOS 4 version.
- Added Polish installer translation.

Changes for WarpDTPrefs:

- Added "Keep" alpha channel option for WarpPNG 45.4.

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