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[Forum] It's incredible!!!ANN.lu
Posted on 10-Oct-2004 15:45 GMT by Dancing Banana12 comments
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NOTE: the following newsitem is meant to be funny and offers MorphOS exclusive software. It also contains some humorous sideswipes. If you're not mature enough to accept that then feel free to use an anonymizer for trolling, but don't send your flames to the stated email address. It would bounce anyway because that address does - as far I know - not exists. Thank you for your attention! A lot famous informants (or let's call them traitors) appeared in the long history of mankind. Only a few are known today, but people still desire to know more than others.

And in this very market the thirst for knowledge is unbelievable large. Don't you want to know where MOS1.5 is? Or why the new OS4 update still does not incllude 68k JIT? Who Agima really is and how Anonymous looks like?

Everyone wants to know such things, that's why we thought it's time for a new hero, a Deep Throt of the Amiga Community.

We wanted that someone appears on the scene who looks harmless and is well known. Someone who easily gets trusted and makes people happy (and careless). And after months of research we finally have done the uber-product. Yes the deed is done!

It was pretty easy, you must know. He looks harmless and was already well used on the corporate and partial portals we wanted to intrude. He's not conspicuous at all. says Mr.Rem.Margorp, CEO of BANANA Inc.

And marketing director Mr.Wer.Bung adds: Yeah, we were pretty surprised how well it worked. User of these portals spontaneous used him for express her gratitude to the greasy gods they believe in. We didn't expected such success.

A aw.net passers-by screems Oh! He's sooooo cute! I want one!!!.

We on BANANA Inc. made some expenditures to finish this multi-million Dollar product and bring it finally to the MorphOS desktop! He uses latest high-end A.I. technology from the N.A.S.A. and is fully compatible with military specs. He even sleept with Scully and Mulder and knows now where McEven buys his doughnuts and why OS4 is the only AmigaOS whithout "Amiga" in the name. He also knows that this news item is his programmers final farewell present to the ann.lu community.

We're proud to present: Mister Banana !!!

Please order as soon as possible from our homepage. He's only available while stocks last and the the F.B.I. does not know about him.
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Posted by Joe "Floid" Kanowitz on 10-Oct-2004 14:32 GMT
But does he change color?
It's incredible!!! : Comment 2 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by brotheris on 10-Oct-2004 15:04 GMT
There is OS4 port??!! ;-)
It's incredible!!! : Comment 3 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by AmiNerd on 10-Oct-2004 15:20 GMT
i dont will download it, im sure what this is a virus,it's suspicious alot
It's incredible!!! : Comment 4 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Neko on 10-Oct-2004 15:31 GMT
In reply to Comment 3 (AmiNerd):
Pff.. THIS is a banana.

It's incredible!!! : Comment 5 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 10-Oct-2004 18:27 GMT
Agima is from Beaverton Oregon. Tell me if he sounds familiar.
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Posted by James Carroll on 10-Oct-2004 20:22 GMT
"..nd why OS4 is the only AmigaOS whithout "Amiga" in the name"

LOL :)
It's incredible!!! : Comment 7 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by James Carroll on 10-Oct-2004 21:10 GMT
btw thats a really nice looking desktop.
It's incredible!!! : Comment 8 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 10-Oct-2004 23:40 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (Neko):
Yours looks like a retard.
It's incredible!!! : Comment 9 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by hooligan/dcs on 11-Oct-2004 02:10 GMT
This should have been integrated into MorphOS in the first place
It's incredible!!! : Comment 10 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Raffaele on 11-Oct-2004 11:55 GMT
Let's ban the Banana.
It's incredible!!! : Comment 11 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by Emeric SH on 11-Oct-2004 15:40 GMT
It's fun. :)
It's incredible!!! : Comment 12 of 12ANN.lu
Posted by agima on 13-Oct-2004 23:12 GMT
In reply to Comment 5 (Anonymous):
>>Agima is from Beaverton Oregon. Tell me if he sounds familiar.

DoomMaster is from Beaverton Oregon. I actually am from Oregon but hours away from beaverton. I have never met DoomMaster and only know about him from his postings. I also think DoomMaster rips people off and I try to conter ever argument he ever makes.
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