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[Forum] Pegasos News: First Avalanche Pilots BeginANN.lu
Posted on 12-Oct-2004 10:48 GMT by Avalanche
11th October 2004, Minneapolis, Minnesota -- Genesi announced it had successfully completed the Avalanche Desktop Reference pre-pilot project development and had transitioned to the deployment phase with Avalanche members Jostens and Select Comfort. Jostens and Select Comfort seek to validate a Debian GNU/Linux solution running on the PowerPC™-based Pegasos system for thin client/file server use in call centers and general corporate desktop use. The PowerPC™ architecture offers many benefits when combined with open source software. As an Avalanche member we look forward to the progressive development of this resource in our quest to reduce our total IT cost of ownership, said Andrew Black, CIO of Jostens.

The Pegasos was recently demonstrated in a variety of configurations by Genesi at the Smart Networks Developer Forum 2004 Europe and the Embedded Connectivity Summit. The Pegasos is based on the PowerPC™ architecture and can be deployed across the enterprise network as a thin clint, desktop machine, netcom device or server in one single upgradable and scalable form factor and in this case one operating system.


Jostens was founded in 1897 and is a leading provider of products, programs and services that help people celebrate important moments, recognize achievements and build affiliations. The company's products include yearbooks, class rings, graduation products, school photography and products for athletic champions and their fans.

Select Comfort (NASDAQ: SCSS) was founded in 1987 and delivered net sales of $458 million in 2003, has 2,500 employees, 26 U.S.-issued or pending patents and more than 50,000 customer testimonials. Select Comfort has been ranked the number-one bedding retailer in the United States by Furniture/Today for the last five years.

The Avalanche Corporate Technology Cooperative is a collaborative initiative organized to develop, produce, manage, and service information technology systems on behalf of its corporate members. Avalanche seeks to reduce cost and increase control over mission-critical software with the adoption of an open source solutions that can be validated and disseminated for use by its members.

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