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[Events] BAS report (very small)ANN.lu
Posted on 04-Oct-2003 17:24 GMT by Metalheart18 comments
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Today (Saturday) I went to the Bebelux Amiga / Pegasos Show in Rotterdam and... ....and the most important things where these:

- On the Hyperion stand where 3 AmigaOne's, one G3 600, one G4 800 (if I remember correctly,
and another one running Linux.
The first two where running OS4, apart from the lack of proper gfx system
(it was the patched one seen in Italy) they ran pretty snoothly.
Petunia is integrated altough the JIT is not used as default so when a 68k program is not
'told' to use the JIT it would use the interpreted (sp?).
I saw some movies (mpeg) running at the 68k moovid from os3.9 (this was using JIT)
and they ran pretty well. Also the same demos shown in Italy where running -this time- smooth.
Os4 crashed a few times due to some exeptions caused by hardware banging apps
(grim reaper didn't catch them) BUT the AmigaOne rebooted FAST, it took a few seconds
to go through the Uboot an about 5 secs to boot into OS4 :)

-There where a bunch of pegasos's running MorphOS and Linux,
they looked nice, and where showing all the superbundle games.
I didn't play around with them so I can't tell you more except they looked professional and MorphOS seemed to run fine.

-Burnit 3 beta was shown on MorphOS with CDRW and DVD write support , now thats cool :)

-I talked to the friedens for a while and those guys seemed very nice,
and where happy to answer many questions.
Late in the day Ben Hermans arived,
I wanted to talk to him aswel but I didnt catch him.

-Last but not least I have to tell you that the number of people visiting was LOW, VERY LOW,
I counted at the peak about 50 or 60 people.... Maybe Sunday will be better.

Thats it for now, I going to have a bite....

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