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[Events] Details about the Alchimie #3ANN.lu
Posted on 26-Oct-2003 15:37 GMT by St├ęphane 'SteaG' Campan7 comments
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Here are some details about the French show/meeting Alchimie #3 (8/11/2003 - 10/11/2003) in Tain l'Hermitage, near Valence.

With more than 160 people at the previous edition, the Alchimie has become the biggest French event for Amiga and Pegasos users, coming from France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Triple A, the organisers, announce that Amiga will be well-represented at the Alchimie #3, with Alan Redhouse (Eyetech Group), Ben Hermans (Hyperion Entertainment), but also Fleecy Moss (Amiga Inc) coming to the show. There will be, of course, some official demonstrations of AmigaOS 4, running on various AmigaOne models,

The French resellers will also come to the show : APS and Amont Informatique. Note that if you are interested in buying some hardware and software, please contact them now in order to make sure your products will be available at the show. RELEC won't be able to sell at the show (due to customs), but will provide some flyers with price indications.

That will also be an occasion for French associations to present their activities : Triple A (publisher of Boing Attack), AFLE (publisher of aMiGa=PoWeR), Amigazette83, ASUM, Amiga Impact, ...

The Alchimie #3 will last three days, you can book your entrance (at a better price) on this page. And ... do not forget that the Alchimie is not only a show, but also a big and very friendly meeting !

More information is also available on Amiga Impact forums (French-only, sorry).

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