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[Events] MorphOS 1.5 presented at PUSHANN.lu
Posted on 23-May-2004 20:22 GMT by Raffaele54 comments
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On morphos-news site there is a brief report of a certain number of the new features of MorphOS 1.5 taken from the slideshow of the presentation (full improvements are more and more) and (more) a video of 12 MB showing the new features. Here are some of the new improvements:

-Better 3D support:

Support for Radeon 7000/7200/7500
Voodoo more than twice as fast as in 1.4
Support for SiS 6326/300
More to come

-Improved MUI

-Optical Audio Out


built in support
support for monitor power savings
2D and 3D blankers

-New shared libraries:


-Altivec support:

Altivec usage in various system components
3rd party application support: e.g. mplayer, dnetc, etc.
Development support for Altivec (new GCC, new binutils)

-System improvemts:

Shutdown support
Enhanced support for pluggable schedulers
New harddisk partitioner

-Intuition improvments:

More skinnability
Improved hotkey support
Automatic screenmode promotion
Multimonitor support

-Cybergraphics improvements

Enjoy it all.
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