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[Files] New versions of WarpMAME, WarpNeoMAME and WarpMESSANN.lu
Posted on 10-Aug-2000 13:22 GMT by Christian Kemp
Colin Ward writes: I have finished the latest version of WarpMAME, WarpNeoMAME and WarpMESS New features in this version include:
  • Based on the latest PC sources (v0.37 Beta 5).
  • Paula based Audio support
  • Support for AGA displays
  • Support for 16 bit screenmodes
  • Multi-button joystick support
  • Correct "auto frameskip" operation
  • A 68k parallel processing system, for offloading processing for things such as AGA c2p onto the 68k and reducing context switches
  • Numerous blitting optimisations, able to be activated at the user's discretion
  • A mailing list for discussion about WarpMAME, WarpMESS and everything related to emulation on the Amiga
  • A promise from the author of no more long delays between releases!
Category: misc/emu
License: ?

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