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[Files] RealNetworks goes OpensourceANN.lu
Posted on 23-Jul-2002 01:26 GMT by .john27 comments
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Fighting Microsoft Media Realnetworks has introduced a new multimedia- platform called HELIX. Helix consists of a encoder, client and server and is able to playback 55 currently known media types, including RealMedia, Microsoft Media, Quicktime, MPEG2 and 4 and several others. The source shall become available to the public within the next 90 days. Realnetworks wants to achieve presence on all of the platforms in use today. For the Amiga this could mean an incredible win ! I doubt, 68k will be quick enough to do decent decoding of modern streaming formats, but for PPC and Amithlon users things should be great ! It seems the opensource offer is restricted to the client (aka player) only. Some of the companies which signalled support for Helix are: Cisco, Hitachi, HP, Intel, Lindows, NEC, Nokia, Opera, Oracle, PalmSource, Pinnacle, Red Hat , Sony, ST Microelectronics, Sun, Symbian, Texas Instruments and TiVO.
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