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Posted on 20-Aug-2002 18:30 GMT by Dietmar Eilert11 comments
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GoldED Studio AIX (Aug/2002): The first trial version of GoldED Studio AIX is available for downloading now. It is fully functional if used with small documents: texts can be loaded, edited and saved. GoldED Studio AIX TRIAL VERSION RELEASED

This trial package replaces earlier beta versions (which had no save function). It brings the freely downloadable version up to the state of the current commercial release, ie. it ships with the all-new installer add-on and a highly improved C/C++ mode, now supporting multiple compilers, multiple makefiles and make targets.

The current archive size is 10 MB. Due to internet traffic and FTP space restraints, some add-ons are not included with the trial version. Specifically, Joyce spell checking is not included (10 MB+). A complete trial version will be available on CD-ROM in the near future.</i>

Download GoldED Studio AIX
GoldED Studio AIX Support

About this software: GoldED Studio AIX is a complete editor environment for AmigaOS3 computers. The package comes with the editor "GoldED", the HTML-editing environment "Webworld", the spell checking package "Joyce", Roget's Thesaurus from Project Gutenberg and an integrated C/C++ development environment for SAS/C, vbcc, StormC and other C/C++ compilers.

Available on CD-ROM/CD-R for AmigaOS3.

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