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[Files] IOSPIRIT: 3 software updatesANN.lu
Posted on 16-Sep-2002 11:58 GMT by IOSPIRIT
At the IOSPIRIT webpage, three small updates can be found in the download section.

- fxSCAN Update 4.04
- IOUSB System Update to 2.1
- VHI Studio 5.71 Details:

- fxSCAN Update 4.04
This update fixes small problems with Turboprint and leads to a drastic improvement in the recognition rate of the 68K-versions of the OCR-engine.

- IOUSB System Update to 2.1
This update fixes a "Portleak"-problem in the iousb.library that had led to problems especially with Epson Perfection 1650 scanners.

- VHI Studio 5.71
The integrated FTP-client is now more tolerant when used in conjunction with FTP-servers that donĀ“t conform to the FTP-standard.

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