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[Files] The Crypt 25 - The Druids Stones- is out.ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Sep-2002 18:21 GMT by Steve Evans1 comments
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We have a World Exclusive interview with a rock star, plus news on Dr Martin Reddy`s Edword Pro (Full version) and a whole host of things to keep you busy for the Autumn. Right what goodies do we have for you in this Issue? "The DRUID Stones" Read our article describing the Original Druids, Were they a Mystical Cult offering Human sacrifices, or simply a Religious order of bygone times ..You decide. This issue we re-introduce a name that a lot of Amiga (or Ex Amiga) users will surely be familiar with. Dr Martin Reddy ... Author of "EDWORD PRO" a powerful (even by Todays standards) Text Editor for the AMIGA. Some good news for those who have not tried Edword or those who may have tried the PD Version ...EDWORD PRO (Full Version) is now available to download FREE from Martins Website. Our own Mr Urie has excelled himself in this Issue, Not only has he found a Rock Group that used the wonderful Amiga Program "Lightwave" to Design their Album covers, He also succeeded in getting us an Interview with Darrio Mollo :) Continuing on the "Lightwave" theme, Check out the Superb examples and Tutorials for this program on our featured website by Jack Thewlis. Interested in Art work but can't afford (Or find) Lightwave, Then read our Review of Drawstudio, Another excellent Package for the Amiga. Of course we have not forgotten readers using the PC ...Check out our reviews on GRANDPRIX 4, or C&C Renegade. However if you are in a more lighthearted mood, We have our normal selections of Jokes and cartoons, A full taste of the Orient, Or check out our "Steam Corner" Page for a taste of nostalgic travelling. The Crypt magazine
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