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Posted on 05-Oct-2002 15:57 GMT by Chris Hodges
Poseidon USB Stack Update 1.31 available. New things include: mounting of and booting from RDB partitions, experimental wheelmouse support, new GUIs and settings, fixes etc. Download here. Dear Poseidon users,

during these gray autumn days, just when you seem lonely and sad, and all seems dull and dark, waiting for new things to appear, there is this small light on this virtual planet. This location for recovering happiness is called


That's the place, where you can download the latest, mindboggingly cheerful update of Poseidon. And no, it's not christmas just yet. Therefore, the only new things you will get are more GUI's to play with (and I know you love to play with the settings ;) ) and the ability to finally mount RDB Amiga partitions automatically! But the good news does not stop here, no, you can even boot from RDB partitions now (and using boot95 from the fat95 package, you probably also can boot from FAT formatted media, if you prefer). Sounds good, eh?

For the people that cannot wait for the HID class to pop up, there is a new experimental wheelmouse mode in the bootmouse which supports a horizontal wheel on some mice. But be sure to have MUIWheelPatch installed! Don't be disappointed, if it doesn't work with your mouse, it's just a quick hack that works with one wheel mouse I've got here, but not with the other (because it doesn't send wheel information in boot protocol).

As usually, the MorphOS binaries have been updated, too ;)

There is also something new, but this will be published in a seperate press statement.

So enjoy the new stuff, and wait what happens next ;)

Best regards
Chris Hodges

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