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Posted on 15-Oct-2002 15:13 GMT by Grzegorz "Krashan" Kraszewski14 comments
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TTEngine 4.3 is available for download at its home page. New features: horizontal and vertical font scaling and mirroring. Changes from latest public release 4.1:
* I've placed an open counter in the LoadedFont structure. It removes problems with many RastPorts using one font.
* TT_SetAttrs() function may be now called before TT_SetFont() and is able to create RastPort context.
* TT_SetFont() returns now BOOL value instead of VOID, because it can fail in low memory condition.
* New demo program MoreFonts shows using many fonts at once in one window.
* Affine transformation support code added. (Particular examples of affine transformations are: scaling, shearing, rotation).
* Font may now be scaled in both the axes independently with TT_ScaleX and TT_ScaleY tags. Scaling range is from 0.01 to 100 (negative too, results in mirroring of the text).
* TT_TextExtent() returned random values in the TextExtent structure, if no font has been set for the RastPort using TT_SetFont(). Now the structure is zeroed in the case.
* New demo program Scaling shows - as its name says - font scaling.
* TT_OpenFont() performed illegal READ-MODIFY-WRITE operation at address $0000003A, if opening of the font file failed. Fixed.
* Header file "ttengine.h" was modified to comply with AmigaOS headers standard.
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