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[Files] SDL MPEG Player (SMPEG)ANN.lu
Posted on 27-Oct-2002 16:53 GMT by dcr8520 (Edited on 2002-10-27 18:05:00 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš)
SMPEG is a free MPEG1 video player library with sound support. Video playback is based on the ubiquitous Berkeley MPEG player, mpeg_play v2.2. Audio is played through a slightly modified mpegsound library, part of Splay v0.8.2. SMPEG supports MPEG audio (MP3), MPEG-1 video, and MPEG system streams.
This library is distributed under the GNU Library Public License (LGPL) version 2. (and was compiled with: -m68020-60)

plaympeg are simple video player provided to test the library. (it requires the same for SDL library: CGX, AHI, etc) The C library interface is 'documented' in smpeg.h, and the C library interface is spread out over the MPEG*.h files.
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