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Posted on 31-Dec-2002 08:50 GMT by Grzegorz Kraszewski4 comments
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ViewISO is a TrueType font viewer using TTEngine. Now with ARexx port and commandline interface it can be used as TrueType viewer in filemanagers. Download it here. ViewISO is a program designed for viewing ISO-8859 charsets using TrueType Unicode fonts. It can be useful to check if a TrueType font contains glyphs for given charset. On the other hand you can see how some exotic glyph looks like. ViewISO requires MUI and TTEngine installed.

Changes from version 1.0:
- ARexx command 'LoadFont' (script for filemanagers included).
- 'Load' button.
- Accepts font name as a commandline parameter.
- Serious memory leak fixed.
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